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Retrospection of the contemporary celebrity fashion trends evinces the great transition from the  earlier simple modern version of star appearances  to the now bolder styles and looks. The current trending celebrity fads have geared into popularity some of the hottest glamour looks in the world of fashion and beauty. However; when you talk in terms of bold celebrity fashion, then there are a number of aspects from which we can judge the daring approach for a more mod look seen carried by the stars lately. Nevertheless, the latest bold celebrity fashion trends are rousing and indeed attention grabbing and definitely the greatest fashion guides for those who love to daringly keep up with the wild side of fun and style.

New Bold Celeberity Fashion


Bold celebrity fashion has been all the rage in the media these days with respect to the female celebrity clothing which has taken a steep inclination towards sheer exposure through smart and ultra mod attires.

  • The use of thin and transparent fabrics has given the bold celebrity fashion the greatest boost through which the star bodies shine out with graceful body glimpses and flaunt the true appeal of the feminine physique. Dress styles such as the semi nude, illusion, lace, cutout and net attires are the top trends in vogue in the celebrity fashion trends 2014.
  • Fitted waists and Shortness in length is another bold celebrity fashion look which has now a massive variety of mini length attires for the young and old stars. It’s all a matter of squeezing in and flaunting the busty look even more.
  •  Deep necklines is now an inevitable part of the celebrity dresses which offer  sheer exposure of the cleavage for a seductive and hot look with styles such as the racy cleavage and halter necks.
  • Last but not the least, bold colors have also rendered even the simplest of the celebrity dresses an effortless way to be noticed in public and media.
  • Bold Celebrity Fashion


This is where most of the stars have really turned their focus of attention for bringing about a fantastic makeover that is fiercely glamorous. The hottest hair trends 2014 in celebrity hairstyles nowadays are the short hairstyles 2014 in the jagged styles.

  • The fierce uneven look of cropped celebrity hairstyles has given a bold way for the celebrities to be noticed instantly. Stars like rihanna, Miley cyrus and many more have sacrificed their long longs to simmer a new individuality of style appeal. The undercut, edgy, Mohawk, funky and cropped cuts are examples where you can get the most extreme versions of style appeal in minimum hair length.
  • The  use of  vibrant hair shades is another trend in the bold celebrity fashion in celebrity hairstyles which strikingly draws attention. Going for absurd bright shades such as bright red, blue, pink etc  have been some of the top looks of celebrities at events and functions. They have geared in to popularity the concept of streaked hairstyles even more.
  • Latest Bold Celeebrity Fashion


Bole celebrity trends in beauty are no less striking than that of the trends in clothing and the most noticeable change is in the use of the shades of lipstick which have gone dark and vampy  with shades such as deep purple, blue etc like that usually seen on katy perry, rihanna, lady Gaga and so on. It gives a fierce complementing touch with the short jagged haircuts. The trend of other top bold shades include the tropical orange for an enrichment of beauty looks of the lips that are citrusly worth kissing.




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