Dry Skin – Causes and Cures


Contrary to the known normal dry skin texture; dry skin is also referred to a medical condition of the skin which has a dehydrated skin texture accompanied by irritation, cracks and severe itching cases. Factors such as less humidity, lower water consumption and careless attitude tend to develop and cause many skin issues out of which dry skin is also a great menace.

 It is not surprising that even the oiliest skin tends to attain cracks and dryness due to the external environment.One popular way of treating dry skin is spending lots of money on ointments prescribed by the doctors; another less expensive yet more effective way is to look for natural ways of skin care through which you can control the dryness.  It can occur irrespective of the seasons and reasons.

Types of Dry Skin

Dry skin is a layman’s term for a skin problem. For doctors and dermatologists it is “dermatitis” – which means having severe dryness problems that can lead to extreme diseases. It can be differentiated into four types:

Dry Skin

  • Allergic – One acquires disease like eczema in the situation. The sufferer complains about cracks, rashes, redness and wounds leading to blood secretion.
  • Atopic – it is adopted from genes; the situation leads to skin problems such as extreme dryness and redness of skin.
  • Contact – this happens on the reaction from some chemical or related items used on skin.
  • Seborrheic – this kind of dryness affects the scalp. Normally, infants are affected due to this problem.

Change your lifestyle:

You need to adapt to  certain changes; especially when autumn and winters are around to counter the rising threat of the numerous skin problems. You cannot behave according to the way you wish because many carless actions and habits tend to facilitate harmful effects on the human body. Here a handful of the preventive lifestyle ways that can abate and curb your issue of dry skin and the problems that come as an accomplice.

  • Make sure you take showers on alternative days
  • Replace all your bathing products with those which have butter contents so that your body is incessantly moisturized and supple.
  • Do not take too much hot showers as that causes skin problems such as itchiness and dryness on the skin.
  • Use moisturizing creams and soaps
  • Apply butter lotion or cream twice a day.
  • Increase the products which have higher water concentration.
  • Always use soft towel
  • For getting rid of scalp dryness, you must oil your scalp twice a week
  • Never use scrubs on dry skin as that can scrape off skin cells and  lead to rashes and pain.
  • Increase the intake of water – more than 8 glasses

In addition to all this, you must pay special attention to the choice of the products to treat these skin problems. Your choice for dry skin products must be all those which contain oils or petroleum concentrations. Normal dryness can be treated easily with simple efforts like dry skin brushing, as it does not last for longer or affect the skin much. However, in case of dermatitis, or other severe diseases you must see the doctor as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may face some serious problems because skin issues tend to spread, if remain untreated.


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