Japanese Street Style Fashion


Japanese street style fashion is one of the most rousing sources of inspiration when it comes to street fashion  trends  at global level. Having immense creativity of designing and a lively presentation of fashion items, it is appreciated in all corners of the world. The streets of Tokyo display a festive ground of inspired fashion clothes like the Victorian and western mixed– not to forget their own distinctive cultural Japanese outlook.

The Japanese street style fashion is governed by  a lot of  richness of  textures , accessories and vibrant hues forming the package of the semi formal and casual dress codes of young and old alike. Though the Japanese street style fashion takes inspiration from different cultural and regional practices; yet they have certain tinges of trends that pin down their identity the minute you see them.

Japanese Street Fashion

Displaying artistic cutting techniques of skirts and blouses, they offer an edgy and spicier look to the women’s short fashion outfits which are commonly used in the street style fashion trends worldwide.  For young women and girls there is an array of smart geometric and slit designed short and mini shirts; Checked Irish  miniskirts, high fashion boots, gladiator sandals,  printed logo sweat shirts,  vibrant jackets,  scarves etc which when fused up together to offer a collage of walking colors. However, they retain a unique dress code of their own with a slight difference of not going bare on the shoulders or any sort of exposure on top- something quite common on the western platform of street style fashion.

Japanese Street Fashion 2014

Japanese street style fashion is also distinguishable from its rich patterned cloth with knotted mid-waist bow styles. This traditional rich fabric in fact has a mod version of designing in classic ruffled frocks and blouses for women with metallic shades used in the patterned print.  These rich fabric clothes in fact have been the evergreen trends in the Japanese street style fashion which people love to wear for a patriotic look with style. Japanese street style fashion is not about their unique practice of fashion items and trinkets only but also to a great deal about their hairstyles. The young generation in particular remains lively with hair dying trends like the emo, gothic, streaking, block coloring and dip dying. It’s what adds further doses of color to their already multi-combined fashion look.

The element of accessorizing cannot be found so much in any other society as in the Japanese street style fashion trends. Ranging from the simple friendship bands there is an ocean of fashion trinkets like handbags, hats, watches, sunglasses etc, every getup is lively adorned. For the wild street fashion followers there’s a wide range of eccentric pairing up of  frocks, socks, clown items etc.  The unique funky, messy and colored  hairstyles are also some of the interesting aspects of the Japanese street style fashion outlook with fierceness of cutting, richness of texture and colors simply brightening up their look. Nevertheless, it is fun and trendy and you’re bound to find a great deal of inspiring ideas to mild your street style fashion look.



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