13 Most Popular Tattoo Styles and Trends


The latest tattoo styles and trends are some of the inevitable fashion fads gone viral and greatly appeal in high soaring figures to those moved by the grooviest crazes of the hour. Breaking itself from the shackles of the typical black ink styles, the trend of this form of body art has explored new concepts to give thrilling presentations to body art simply uplifting in every way.

Hunting down the most popular choices of men and women in the tattoo fashion, here’s what we managed to rule out as the most liked concepts.

 HD Effect

Experience a whole new world of art come live through the craze of the new trends of tattoo styles with the HD editions. Carrying  a blend of fast colors and sharp imaging, you can now enjoy one of the  finest versions of body art ranking as the top popular choice that makes the art edge out in public.

HD Effect Tattoo Style

HD Tattoo Style

Tummy Tuck Patterns

Troubled by the mounting flesh around the tummy?  Ease yourself out of this menacing condition the fashionable way.

There is more to the beauty of the hottest tattoo styles and trends  than just adornment. The tummy tuck cover style is a fabulous concepts that works double advantage of not only spicing up your personality but also caters to concealing those  extra lobs of flesh around the stomach the artistic way.

Tummy Tuck Tattoo

Tummy Tuck Tattoo

Stylish patterned designs  in slanting formats work convincingly to draw away attention from your fleshy  by giving the onlookers something much more worthwhile and classy to set gaze on.

 The Disney Craze

 For the lovers of the fairytale world, it’s time to get your favorite  character right on your body. Cartoon Styles and designs are now some of the classiest trends quite popular with their sharp fantasy impressions and ethereal shades.

Cartoon Tattoo Style Trends

Cartoon Tattoo

Lips Tattoo

Time to kiss away your love of tattoos.

No this does not mean saying good bye  to the trend but rather  artistically caressing you body with the lips print just about anywhere you want. From the seductive and sensually pleasing  designs to the more wicked versions, express your inner desire.

Lips Tattoo Style

Lips Tattoo Style

Another version of the lips tattoo very popular amongst youngsters is having words and images grilled on the inner lip. It’s a blend of the  ideas of the statement and lip tattoo trends and styles.

New Lip Tattoo Style

Lip Tattoo

Back Styles

You can find loads and loads of ideas in the back  designs with the popular most being a small image at around the nape and mid neck length, a fabulous front necklace design that runs either around the neck or horizontally from one shoulder bone to the other.  For those who love the density of prints,  full or half-body patterns  simply charm up the exposed flesh fantastically.

Back Tattoo Styles for Women

Tattoo Styles for Women

Metallic / Shimmer Effects

 Adding a glamorous dose of presentation, the trends and styles of tattoos now have a shimmery tinge with glitter and metallic textures. It’s a hip way to score out the Egyptian version of the craze.

Metallic Tattoo Style and Trend

Metallic Tattoo

 White ink Tattoo Trend

 It’s an elegant trend and style of tattooing; especially for summer that makes use of white ink rather than the typical black one. It flaunts away a fresh and  subtle charm of fashion ideal for all. Providing an alternate shade to explore, the white ink fashion tattoo styles and trends are suitable even for school going youngsters with their mild and feeble outlook.

White Ink Tattoo Trend and Style

White Ink Tattoo Trend

Natural Dropbacks

If you love to fill up a major portion of your body with the tattoo effect, then this is one of the best tattoo  style trend meant just for you. Inspired natural images with their natural backgrounds in inherent shades  simply make you a walking scenery with an element of interest that grabs the attention of anyone passing by. Size simply has no limit.

Statement Phrases

 Time to talk artistically loud with tattoos these days.  Be it the name of your loved one, a quote, a phrase or a humorous shout-out, you can  keep it locked on to the body with the coolest of statement tattoo styles and trends that allow you to express anything you want on your body with patterned designs and calligraphic inscriptions.

Statement Tattoo Designs and Styles

Statement Fashion Tattoo Style

Usually a hit trend for the wrist, neck, waist and fingers, this statement call is indeed very gorgeous  body art form that seems decent enough for all places.

 Eye Tattooing

Ouch!  The very words seem to run chills down the spine but hey! ‘ no pains no gains’. That’s the hard call of the beauties out there willing to take the session of a  painful beauty treatment to get their looks permanently beautified the way they want.

Eye lining,  fancy prints or celestial  charms are  the hottest sensations over or around the parameters of the eyes that kick start a rocking and bold look of beauty on the face.

 Foot & Ankle Prints

 A hip way to give your feet a dose of dash is to get tattooed on one little finger and let it do the talking for you in open styled fashion shoes.

Ankle Tattoo Styles

Ankle Tattoo Style and Trend

 An even classier trend that perks up the grace of your legs in Capri’s is a small fancy delicate design over or around the ankle. Usually colored tattoo trends and styles work for this region.

Multi colored

 Breathing in life and vigor into the dull and insipid look of empty portrayed tattoo linings, trends setters have punched in the element of reality with colors.  Large tattooed regions with multi hues tend to make the art of body adorning livelier and more spirited.

Graphic Effects

A perfect scheme of colors and visual effects, this is one of the premium trend of tattooing that has a fabulous outlook of shades to give your preferred tattoo a spirited and robust impression.

Graphic Tattoo Design and Trend

Graphic Tattoo Design

Finger Imaging

A playful trend that carries numerous images (celestial, cartoon, nature inspired, graphic, patterned etc) on every finger just below the knuckles. The trend shows of its intended charm with closed fists and best suits men  with their rough and tough physique.

Finger Image Tattoo Styles and Trend

Finger Image Tattoo

With so many fresher tattoo styles and trends on the move, there is surely one to inspire your fashion buds to get grilled.


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