2017 Hair Color Trends: Ideas to Revamp Your Looks!


We all love fashion drifts that are exciting and bewitching and what better way to get playful with styling than trying out the top 2017 hair color trends. Allowing men and women to free themselves from the boredom of ordinary looking block themed hair, the latest 2017 hair color trends now permit you to enjoy the true spirit of enriched dyes in the most vibrant combos on record.

Truly bold and audaciously impressive, the new additions may at first sight seem downright and eccentric, but once you give them a shot, they can really surprise you with the outcome for a ‘whole new’ looking you! And that is the reason we simply can’t keep away.

Top 2017 Hair Color Trends

The Magenta Fever

Latest 2017 Hair Color Trends

Magenta 2017 Hair Color Trends

Demanding frequent care and maintenance, this fashion drift is a total feast for the eyes and a boon for the personality. Purple / magenta is the latest inspiration for the perfect makeover with color this fall and though it’s been considered as a tone of the gothic culture up till now for its deep and vampy shade, yet the tables have turned for the better and we are now enjoying it as one of the greatest switches for summer with its bright and lively pitch offering the perfect grouping with flaxen/ blonde hair , rich auburns and golds.

New 2017 Hair Colour Trends

Magenta offers amazing upshots when played up with bright hues like electric blues, purples and reds. You can even go for a very bright pinkish hue of magenta and pair it up with sleek black hair from the crown, and an artsy magenta layering from the back. It would look simply beyond amazing in a chignon!

It’s been seen to be a fantastic idea for short asymmetric haircuts for women with peek-a-boo touching on dark hair colors like black and brown. But before you make such a bold decision, you need to understand that maintaining a shade as dark as magenta isn’t exactly a walk in the park. If you don’t have time to care for your hair, forget about this one right here and right now.

Twosome Match Ups

Two-tone 2017 Hair Color Trends

Two-tone 2017 Hair Color Trends

Enjoying a huge spell of glamour moments , the twosome-trend is by far the hottest and most practiced fashion flow in the 2017 hair color trends that look amazing for their unique and stand out presentation of merged shades that offer a wide list of options for you to explore and try. This trend has in fact given women the edge to try the looks of dying and streaking in a more amplified manner with exciting blends that make your hairstyle a vision to see and admire.

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 Top 2017 Hair Color Trends

We have seen some really crazy mishmashes breaking up the orthodox barriers and trends of simplicity and balancing, for instance, bright neons like orange, green and blue, pastel hues paired with ombre, electric deep blues, reds, and lots of greys paired with purple. However; you don’t necessarily have to get down to be that eccentric and step out of your comfort zone, you can even stick to safer options like brown and ombre, or grey and brown.

Auburns & Ginger

caramel 2017 hair color trends

Caramel 2017 Hair Color Trends

If you want to dye your hair in a shade that is truly versatile with its glamour and can allow you to play up both, sensuality and sophistication, you need to pin down the Auburn and caramels. They are the most timeless and infinitely chic of all 2017 hair color trends that will give your hair a very beautiful texture so rich and delectable that even a simple block shade does wonders for you.

Moreover, the best part is that an auburn color, be it light or dark, allows you to amuse yourself with a lot of different options like the balayage highlights, a warm honey blonde streaking, or even an ombre pattern. Remember, you can never go wrong with a redhead so you may as go ahead and throw caution in the air and break all the rules and enjoy the best of curls , waves, turns and twists and even straight sedu styles with this sizzling shade.

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Ethereal Cinder & Silver Fox

Silver 2017 Hair Color Trends

Silver 2017 Hair Color Trends

Eerie 2017 hair color trends like Ash blondes and silver-ombred hair styles are very new, very unique and most certainly all the rage in street style fashion all over the world these days. If you wish to give your look a huge dose of charm and really stun everyone with an unbelievable make-over, pick this one!

It is indeed the most unique and refreshing of all 2017 hair color trends which adds a chilling edge to your personality. It is on fact one of the hottest hair color trends popular for all ages and especially with short haircuts like the angular and spiky trims, undercuts and bob hairstyles and the ideal match for both, fair and olive/tan complexions.

Womens 2017 Hair Color Trends

You can give your look an edgy vibe with a sharp ash blond bob, or perhaps sliver blonde and ombre streaks with nicely done layering that frames your face. You will need to schedule more than one bleaching session to achieve this look, but it will all be worth and if you have shiny straight hair and you don’t want to lose your neat, polished look, go for a soft hazel shade from the crown with long icy blonde strands.

Dip Dye Strands

2017 Hair Color Trends Dip Dye Ideas

2017 Hair Color Trends Dip Dye Ideas


We’re simply loving this one from the moment the trend made its inception in the streamline of fashion. Immersing the lower length in contrasting hues is  all the rage once again and women and simply enjoying all the different applications that can be tried out with this wide- raging trend that ranges from an inches dip to sporadic touches just to infuse in a touch of glamour that speaks high and loud with curls, waves and straight hair.thus, ideal for every style you take up

2017 Hair Color Trends styles

If you’re aiming for a look you can really fall in love with, express yourself through this art of hair dying to produce delectable impressions rich, vibrant. For instance, black hair with blue strands have been all the rage on Instagram, but you can always go with teal strands to make your decision seem less crazy and chicer. Animal inspired colors and ponytail tip-offs are some other ways to score good with this trend. An ombre dip dye would be a fabulous idea, while for the crazy ones, blonde hair with parrot green strands and honey blondes with dark deep pink strands are making all the rage. You can even try out hues like red and orange, or brown and purple.

The Blues

Blue 2017 Hair Color Trends for Women

Blue 2017 Hair Color Trends for Women

The thrill of the blues have garnered massive praise and appeal in recent fashion weeks, from New York to Paris and Milan. Needless to say, they are having quite the glamour moment amongst the hottest 2017 hair color trends with a massive list of shades to help perk up an electrifying impression .

Trendy 2017 Hair Color Trends

You can try out this look in several ways, if you’re bold enough, go for a deep navy cropped bob or perhaps, long navy strands of angular short hairstyles with electric blues. But if you want to play it safe and adorable, it’s probably best to try out teal strands with blonde hair, or even brown or flaxen hues.  Pastel coloured blues and hair chalking are some other ways to enjoy a light version of the blue hair fashion.


Streaked 2017 Hair Color Trends

Streaked 2017 Hair Color Trends

Certainly not about to fade away in the background, the trend of hair streaking is hooking up clients in the salons with incredible use of sharp and bold colors, applied in manners that give every inch of your style a reason to be loved and impersonated. It’s one of the most favorite 2017 hair color trends that is deemed fit for all hair textures, styles and ages and for every spring up in your routine.  Streaking trends range from mix head strands to random highlights or even a single tip effect and low-length  sporadic linings. Whatever the case, the look is simply loveable.

The latest 2017 hair color trends are indeed the trendiest ways to empower your crowning glory with ostentatious standard having the ability to dish out hairstyles that look amazing for every occasion with just a splash of color.






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