3 Top Fitness Exercises for a Healthy Body


In this age of  24 hour rush;  health  of the body is essential through fitness exercises , whereby people need a sound and fit body to meet all the challenges of the day without having to succumb to signs of enervation that could lead to their deterioration in stamina.  A healthy and strong body does not mean being overweight or excessively healthy; in fact staying slim and smart and yet having the stamina to work all day long with great enthusiasm is the punch line of what we call body fitness.

Since it is an extensive vista of approach to achieve an active, healthy and stress-free body; therefore, it is best to avail certain health and fitness exercises to help you bring about effects which are the edifice of contributing factors that promote other signs of health and free living. If you love yourself; you would definitely want to have the perfection and fitness that could render you to all the more reasons to admire yourself.

Fitness Exercises

Fitness exercises are no great ordeal and require you to just shun away your lazy side and adhere to some very simple things which are essential to keep alive the vigor and vitality of your body. Following are some of the very simple fitness exercises that have significant impact not only on your body but also sharpen your mind and intuition; which are the perfect signs of a great functioning of the body. Before enumerating the fitness exercises which should be made a part of your daily schedule; it is imperative to mention that a healthy diet is the perfect exercise of the mouth which tends to provide the nutritional sustenance to the body to keep it pink and plump. So make vegetables, white meat, dairy products food rich in omega 3 and 6 a part of your daily consumption.

Yoga  Fitness exercises

Many people tend to be ignorant towards the benefits of yoga practice which in reality through its aerobic fitness exercise offers great peace of mind and sharpness of mind. Numerous yoga practices facilitate you in keeping composure of stance as well which is highly essential for the appeal of body language in a sound healthy ‘you’. The best time for these health and fitness practices is definitely the early hours whereby; the fresh air greatly influences the mood and assists in bring about a tranquil environment and makes you flow along with your exercise in a fluent and beneficial way.


Brisk walking

Though you probably walk miles on daily basis yet there is a difference between the interrupted short walk between points and a full half an hour incessant brisk walk in the park or on the footpath. Health and Fitness tips  regarding walks tend to emphasize on bringing your body into kinetic  rhythm  and this fast walk can really melt down the excessive calories and fat and contribute greatly towards honing your body in a slim and smart shape from head to toe. Brisk walk also builds up you stamina to go on for hours without giving  in. so when you’re up early, so don’t waste time and be the early bird to turns time into money and avails the best of what there is in the fresh early hours of sunrise.


Swimming is a favorite water activity of all; so why not avail the health benefits that come along with it. This fitness exercise puts into gear all muscles of the body and provides a great effectual workout that promotes stronger muscles, better workout stamina and also decline excessive weight gain.


This is one of the most fun-to-do exercise which you can carry on doing for hours with friends as it involves fast pace dance on  music. Apart from the fun; the fast motion of the body heats up the functioning of every muscle in the body and stealthy promotes active and stamina building power that helps your body stay intact both physically and mentally.


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  1. Now a days health is the most important factor and in our such a busy life we can’t find right direction to get ourselves healthy. your this post will provide guidance for many youngest to improve their health. Keep sharing your knowledge with us.

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