5 Pregnancy Exercises Women Should Do



It is essential for a woman to do Pregnancy Exercises during the crucial nine months of her life  with some sort of light mode health and fitness exercises  to help make the body adapt to and endure the increasing weight and size. This does not only keeps her fit and healthy but also helps in the  proper growth of the baby. However, it is strictly recommended that you consult your doctor before trying out any health and fitness exercises for pregnancy; yet the simplest and most  effective Pregnancy Exercises which women should make a part of their tri-semesters have been listed.

 Walking: It is essential that you keep on the move during your pregnancy be it in the garden or a more fun filled tour out in the market. Women who prefer resting, sleeping and do nothing all day long, face serious issues as the body fails to keep the healthy work out of  development  function effectively. Walking is best health and fitness exercise  as it puts in to gear all body muscles and improves flexibility- which is greatly required in pregnancy. It provides muscular strength to the whole body; especially thighs and hips which are the main areas of body expansion in the last months of pregnancy. Walking promotes the body’s endurance during the expanding size.

Pregnancy Exercise

Water aerobics: Since women gain a lot of weight, it becomes difficult to manage body movements, so why not head for the water and do effective exercises for pregnancy the light way. These health and fitness exercises help in providing you mental relaxation and increase the oxygen intake in the body. This is beneficial for the baby inside you. In this way, you can easily get over the problems that might haunt you during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Exercise for Women

Squats: though squats are usually done for weight loss- yet this is not what we want during pregnancy. For women they are some of the effective Pregnancy health and fitness exercises which boost the elasticity of the pelvis and provide the legs with strength- making it easier for the baby’s delivery. Stand against the wall and simply put pressure on your knees so that you feel a force on your thighs too. Go up and then come back down again. Repeat to do for at least 10 times in a sequence and ensure that you take it light and easy while attempting to do so.

Pelvic exercises- these are some of the  health and fitness exercises which tend to help strengthen the pelvic muscles for an easier exertion during childbirth.  The bridge posture is one way to put pressure on your stomach and pelvic are. Lie down start and slowly raise you lower abdomen upwards to form a bride style and hold the position for 10 to 15 seconds and then revert to the normal straight position. This is also good for making the spine strong and better enables it control balance and hold the increasing weight. more pelvic exercises include the numerous ball exercises.

Pregnancy Exercises

Kegel Exercises- During pregnancy, the focus should be more on the exercises that exert pressure on your pelvic area because the stronger it is, the better and more beneficial it is for women at the time of delivery. Kegel exercises are an amazing option when it comes to Pregnancy Exercises  – they provide strength to the pelvic muscles and help in controlling the bladder flow- which is often a problem in the last months.

It works on two-fold strategy of psychological control and physical implementation. you have to do is pretend that you are stopping yourself from urinating. This would help in tightening of all the muscles located near the pelvic end and the rectum. You must remain in the position for at least 10 seconds. Take a deep breath and repeat the same exercise at least 10 times in a row.  You do not need extra time for this kind of exercise – you can do it while watching TV or lying on the bed. Hope these handy health and fitness exercises help you in having easier delivery .



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