Amazing Skin Benefits of Coconut water


Raw coconut water is termed as the ‘dew from heaven’ and is a natural skin perfector which comes as no surprise as to why. It is a naturally refreshing solution rich in ingredients that  amazingly work wonders in  not only curing innumerable skin problems but also deliver enhanced beauty and health results.

Yes that’s right! If you’re up to your head  with all the financial wastage on hefty  crèmes and  treatments to cure  skin problems and  it’s daily wear and tear, Coconut water can be your savior. Acknowledged and practically proven to be a fabulous nutritious product   for  the skin and hair, it is one of the ideal ingredients to use if you are worried over the lost charm of your facial appeal.

So what can you gain from drinking and topically applying Coconut water? Here are some of the amazing uses of Coconut water that should inspire you to enroll it in your diet as well as beauty regimen.

The prefect Skin Moisturizer

 Skin without proper moisturizing ends up rough, dehydrated , itchy and wrinkled and these are indeed some of the most dreaded conditions feared by women in particular. To retain a soft and supple skin texture coconut is one of the best contenders on our list of the top skin tonics which not only deal with the above menaces but also improve the complexion and bring about a healthy glow.

Treats Tanned Skin

 Outdoor routines  mean daily sun exposure which is one of the main causes of skin darkening and tanning.  One of the best ways to protect your natural complexion from going dull and gloomy is with the use of coconut water. It tones up and revives the lost facial glow and at the same time its regular application on the face will prevent future darkening and keep alive a vigorous look of freshness and natural gleam.

Coconut Water

Fresh Coconut Water

Hydrates Dry & Itchy  Skin

Changing seasons bring along all sorts of allergies and irritations of the skin  which at times becomes greatly inconvenient and discomforting. The refreshing splash of coconut water on to the skin externally is an instant way to restore the lost moisture of the top skin layers. It supplies a natural sustenance to the skin and locks in the moisture and so ends up as a great remedy for rough, itchy and dry skin.

Coconut Water for Oily Skin Problems

Pimples and acne are some of the main concern of people having an oily skin texture. If you are perturbed over the repeated outbreak of these facial menaces it might be a relief for you to know that coconut water is fabulous for preventing and lessening the condition of these horrid pop-ups.  How to se coconut water? Simple spray or dab it on the face and allow it to dry up. This will work miraculously in removing the greasiness clogged in the face pores and keep your face clear and clean.

Note:  You can also make a face wash with coconut water and use it on regular basis to keep free from the worry of acne, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and facial grease. Here are two very handy mixtures you can try.

  • Coconut Water Face Wash for Acne

 For a proper treatment of acne with coconut water, mix up turmeric paste in a glass of coconut water and 3 spoons of red sandalwood powder. Leave this mixture over 2-3 days and then strain it. Keep this mixture in a bottle and use it as a daily face wash to enjoy a fabulous glowing complexion perfectly flawless and free from the horrid look of acne.

  • Coconut water & Multani Mitti ( Fullers Earth)

Another effective face mask for oily skin problems is the combined pack of raw coconut water mixed with multani mitti and a pinch of turmeric powder. Make a paste with all the ingredients and apply evenly on the face and neck. Leave it on for a span of 2- minutes and wash off with cold water. It very effectively helps restore a fresh and glowing skin texture free of  greasiness and thus very useful for the prevention  and outburst of pimples and acne.

Fair Skin with Coconut Water

 Fabulous Complexion

 Women often craze for a clear and glowing facial complexion and coconut water happens to be the perfect way to get just that.  Drinking this raw tonic tends to boost internal blood circulation which boosts the purification of the skin layers ( clearing of the dead and clogged cells) and ensures the provision of better oxygen. The upshot is healthy and glowing skin.

 Retains Skin Firmness

 Loose and sagging skin is indeed very frightening especially when everyone wants to look young and beautiful for ever. Though aging cannot be prevented yet it can be slowed down and this will surely be of interest to those stepping over  their mid 30”s.

Coconut water for skin tightening is a great option because it contains cytokinins that  prevent pre-mature lining and wrinkling of the skin. It potently works in retaining the skin elasticity and facilitates in firm skin texture for a longer period of time if used regularly.

Deals with Skin Allergies

 Many people are troubled by allergies and suffer itchiness, irritation and other skin infections during seasonal shifts. Taking a bath with coconut water will counter effect all bacterial and viral infestations and offer relieve with the natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties of the tropical fruit. Simply mix up 2 glasses of raw coconut water into a bucket of water and enjoy an exotic  coconut bath that relieves you of your bodily uneasiness.

 Good for Scars and Spots

Scarred and spotted faces can certainly a factor of embarrassment if they are too many. Everyone loves a flawlessly clear skin but  daily sun damage, acne, burns,  accidents and other factors undermine the whole facial charm by leaving behind marks. Whether you use it as a face wash, apply  it directly on the face or drink it, it will work amazingly to fade away your  marks, dark spots, stretch marks and cellulite.

 Repairs Damaged Skin

The daily wear and tear of the skin leaves behind a disastrous look of the hands and feet  with roughness and chipping off of dead skin cells being the anti-beauty traits that are definitely unwanted. With the deep moisturizing and nourishing properties of coconut water  you can repair the minor skin damages and revive a supple, firm and soft looking skin. It’s a good item to add to your beauty kit; especially for hand and foot care.

 With these handful of amazing skin care benefits of coconut water, there is absolutely no reason not to try it out.


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