The Art of Body Piercing


Fashion as we know it today has a very vast scope of implementation in the lifestyle of people. It’s not only about wearing the latest modern looks as far as clothes, shoes and hairstyles etc are concerned , but has also now moved on to greater dimensions in the form of body art  adornment with trends like body Piercing becoming more and more popular with every tick of hour.

Regardless of age, this fashion trend seems to be an evergreen trend of fashion always in vogue and at times, adopting very extreme forms.  Nevertheless, this art of adorning the body is very stunning and that is the reason people are blindly following this trend for a unique look that is smart and daring. What makes it more fascinating for most people is seeing their favorite celebrities carrying this dazzling piercing trend in such a classy way that it definitely becomes a hot inspiration to try out.

Body Piercing

Earlier body piercing wasn’t as elaborate as it is today and was limited to just the most exposed parts of the body like the ears, nose and belly etc. With the passage of time and with the popularity  body art has gained; body piercing is being practiced on many other parts of the body as well and fashion stylists have started coming up with unique ways of adding more charm to it by introducing different jewelry  items to embellish the pierced areas of the body jewelry. This jewelry is selling like hot cakes and there are some people who are even getting these ornaments made in silver and gold for a luxurious and ever-cherishing token of the love of the art of body garnishing.

Body piercing really is something cool to do and that too especially in summer months when  you have all the different short and stylish apparel and sassy accessories which help so much in enhancing the look of your pierced body art styles. Celebrities have been the biggest source of inspiration of this trend and have pulled the look off so well with pierced lips, ankles tongues, even pubic areas and many more places which would otherwise run a chill down your spine. In many quarters, body piercing is being viewed as something inappropriate as it has assumed a somewhat perverted form especially with regard to teenagers.

Despite the negative aspect, this form of body adornment is still gaining popularity and that is why every five out of ten people might be seen with pierced bodies street style trends. Street style fashion, with its vibrant colors and styles is one of the most popular styles that can  give this art of body piercing its wild, yet cool look.


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