Bad Personality Traits


When talking in terms of success, bad personality traits are the actual cause of stagnated, slow, limited or no success of a person because   the weak / bad  habits and  low sets of values , attitude and behavior  towards others determines your level of success and forms the opinion of others about you.

Circumstances, experiences and influences are the main causes of bad personality traits which affect not only your personal social sphere of life but also professional. When you retrospect personality profoundly then there are an indefinite number of negative personality traits which together pin down an individual who is always at loss.

Bad Personality Habits

  • Arrogance – It is one of the bad personality traits which shuts down room for self improvement and development. Arrogance is a sign of weak people though such people  they may ironically think that their rude, manipulative, ignorant and impulsive behavior towards others through offensive dialogues, manipulation, vilification etc makes them somewhat superior and cool over others.   Such bad habits tends to make a person develop a sense of superiority over others which is usually because of a better financial and materialistic edge of income, assets, literacy etc. such people never learn nor progress.
  • Critical – This is being harsh and critical in approach by never agreeing with others, not respecting their opinions and always rooting out flaws. It leads to ignorance and illusive fool’s belief of always being the right one.
  • Jealous –  a person who always envies what others have will always remain a dissatisfied  person, will never be happy and will fall a victim to inferiority whenever he fails to have the laurels an d luxuries which others have. It reduces the chances to work hard and works basically on desires by making him /her evil minded such that he resorts to snatching or other sinister means to have what he cannot earn through merit and caliber.
  • Bad tempered- Having a bad temper and yelling at anyone who approaches you or always remaining in a bad mood is one of the bad habits which tend to make people hate you. Not only do they avoid interaction but this type of attitude shuts down all doors of moving ahead because no one or no institution likes to promote or engage with people who are not worth the talk.
  • Evil mindedness – This mainly rules out harsh , brutal , unacceptable and nasty behavior with others; be it your house or professional field. People always trying to bully, intimidate others on account of their seniority , better financial status and stronger physique to have dominance are usually at loss because  the use of unjust force in anything is not only detested by others but such a person finds himself alone in the  social standing in terms of success and opportunities.
  • Bossy- Always telling people what to do and thinking of being and knowing more than others is the height of ignorance. This personality trait is a negative quality of character which apparently makes one seem very busy and always at something; yet it is something neither appreciated nor acceptable. It only widens your chances of less interaction, respect and progress.
  • Demanding – In terms of bad personality traits, demanding is basically affiliated with the inner avarice of a person to have more and more. Though everyone strives to achieve more; yet there is a different between wanting of a successful person governed with proper sets of attitude and that of people with a perilous lust.
  • Desperate – Desperation basically implies the eagerness to achieve or gain something as quick as possible. It gives rise to impatience, greed and hones a Machiavelli thought to gain benefit through hook or by crook and hone bad habits that become inveterate with the passage of time.
  • Disconnected – Remaining detached from group sittings and participation or showing no interest in what others are doing or what is happening around you is  only a way of remaining behind while others move on ahead.
  • Disobedient – Disobedience towards seniors and elders is an unprofessional attitude which does not favor success at any level.
  • Emotional – being sensitive to every changing circumstances, remarks and interactions is a sign of weakness that can influence your success by emotionally overwhelming your will power to move on and achieve.

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