Best Home Remedies for Dark Circles


Seeking quick and effective home remedies for dark circles? Whip away the tiresome dark look under the eyes with natural products used since decades for their result orienting effects.

A clear and fair complexion is indeed a great reason to be confident about yourself and any sort of facial discoloring tends to be pretty disturbing. Dark circles are some of the common problems that make the face look tiresome and enervated and factors like:

  • Hereditary
  • less sleep
  • physical stress and enervation
  • continuous usage of computers
  • Prolonged crying are some of the major contributors of the shadowed look under the eyes.

Natural Home Remedies for Dark Circles

Home Remedies for Dark Circles

Out of the numerous natural ingredients on the list of the best  home remedies for dark circles, here’s a list of the most effective treatments that you can give yourself right at home and restore that beaming freshness of the eyes without going hefty on your  wallet.


In your hunt for some of the amazing home remedies for dark circles or for any sort of skin care benefit, you simply cannot move on without the mention of rose water. Though cheap in rate, rosewater is very valuable when it comes to pampering your skin with the products that have an immense ability of  beaming skin rejuvenation and enhancement.

Rose Water Home Remedy Dark Circles

Rose Water As Remedy for Dark Circles

Simply soak up some cotton balls in rose water and place them on closed eye lids.  Relax away for 10-15 minutes and you’re done with your treatment. You can do this it 2-3 times in a week and stay free from the menace of exhausted and vampy looking eyes always.

 It’s a fair deal between beauty and budget which should not be missed out on!

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Mint Home Remedies for Dark Circles

With their mentholic and anti-bacterial properties, mint leaves are some of the widely used natural herbs made use of for lightening and cleansing effects in some of the best skin care products on record.  So, if you want the finest natural home remedies for dark circles, mint leaves can successfully rid you of the  tiresome look of the eyes.

Crush some fresh mint leaves and  place them under the eyes and allow it to sit for  5-10 minutes by just relaxing away. Wash off with cold water and repeat on daily basis for fast clearance of dark circles.


Having a mild yet effective natural composition, almond oil is one of the core ingredients of some of the top treatments in the market known to promote a better and healthier skin texture.

Remedies for Dark Circles

Remedy for Dark Circles with Almond Oil

As one of the quick home remedies for dark circles, it effectively tends to fade away the discolored patch of skin under the eyes by promoting blood circulation and nourishing the skin.  Therefore; whenever you’re troubled by the menace of dark circles, simple start making use of almond oil by massaging it under the eyes and leaving it overnight.  Wash off in the morning and be satisfied with good results.

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Branded for the refreshing, soothing and skin lightening effects, cucumbers can be one of the wonder home remedies for dark circles that can relieve you of the horrid and obscure look under the eyes within a quick span of time.

Cucumber Home Remedies for Dark Circles

Cucumber Home Remedy for Dark Circles

You can make use of this item in two ways;

  1. One the simplest and most common eye care treatment with cucumbers is to slice them up and place them over the eyes for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Another option is to take some cucumber juice and mix it up with some lemon drops ( a miracle natural skin-lightening agent) which will offer a double action to lighten up the delicate skin under the eyes.


Any natural item having an astringent bleaching property tends to be one of the perfect home remedies for dark circles. Tomatoes are known for the amazing results pertaining to skin firming, elasticity, dull complexion and sun damages and pigmentations; which is why it will really pay off to add it to your beauty regimen either through the diet or apply it topically over the area to be treated.

Tomato Remedy for Dark Circles

For treating dark circles you can mix it up with some lemon juice and massage the mixture on to the dark patch of skin. Allow it to naturally dry off and then rinse off with luke or cold water.  A twice-a-week use of tomato juice will fortify the vulnerable eye region from the constant threat of raccoon eyes.

Apart from these top home remedies for dark circles, you can also avail collagen eye mask sheets that tend to boost the natural development of the skin and provide nutrients that zing up the fresh and glowing look of the eyes.





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