Bob Haircuts 2014 – Top Short & Medium Styles


One of the best ways to stand out in the crowd is to go for styles and trends that are evergreen in the mainstream of fashion. When it comes to hairstyles then definitely the bob haircuts 2014 are some of the most popular looks women love to carry because of their easy management and classy modish look. The great adaptability of the Bob haircuts 2014 with every changing hair trends makes them unique and tempting which is why it becomes inevitable to dish them out.

 Bob haircuts 2014 are some of the new versions of the smartest ways to set short and medium length hair and what makes them catchy are their modified looks by being fused with some other top looks in hairstyling.  This distinctive feature ensures that there is one of the Bob haircuts 2014 just perfect for each and every woman out there. Here are some of the perky and fresh cuts to look out for in the new bob styles:

Bob Haircut 2014

Perky Angular bob haircuts 2014

The best way to be noticed it definitely through creativity and the angular or asymmetrical cuttings are just the weapons to use. Giving daring, perky and edgy modern looks to medium length bob haircuts, they are simple a modish way to run parallel to the modern demand of women to be unique. Going for rich bright shades such as red, rust etc make the conspicuity of the angular bob styles all the more in the latest hair trends.

 Sleek Bob Haircut

Disheveled bobs

The messy and disheveled look is one of the most popular looks found in the list of the top hairstyling trends for 2014. Curly, wavy and normal textured short and medium bobs- no matter the manner of cutting such as layers, straight blunt etc  look classy in the muddled style which needs absolutely no management or maintenance. They are some of the most popular hair trends of the new hairstyles 2014 and ideal for all short hairstyles.

Layered choppy bob haircuts 2014

Here’s where the punch of creativity lies in the modern hair trends  with a fabulous combination of the layered look of the bob style with the hot choppy trend. Starting off with the short cropped looks from the top it goes down finishing off with thin extended hair strands. The padded top look with narrowing effect through cutting gives it a fierce look that grabs you the attention in an instant glance. These styles offer best results in the sleek texture and make it fiercer with the fringe cutting in the same manner.

 Wavy bob haircuts 2014

Add a fresh look to your short and medium tresses with the fabulous look of waves from the modern hair trends of hairstyles 2014 to give a refreshing twist of outlook to the simple plain bob cut. Be it the innate hair color, sleek texture  or the textured effect of streaks, the look of waves is a beauty in itself and you can make it all the more enjoyable with layered cutting. It is ideal for women with thin hair giving a volume look.

Bob haircuts 2014 with bangs

The bangs are the best ways to score in attention because of the unique methods of cutting and setting in the contemporary hair trends.  What makes them classy on the bob haircuts is the smart new choppy, asymmetrical and razor cutting which offer great diversity to the same bob style.


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