Winter Fashion 2014 Color Trends for Men


Winter fashion 2014 for men  is color-oriented for sure with some handpicked shades that have already stormed the fashion ramps across Europe and America. The best thing about the winter fashion 2014 for men is that there is going to be an ocean of trends and which are in fact unisex and so you really have a great variety to choose from. The new year is about to start and already people are in pursue of reshuffling their wardrobes with the trends in clothing that will mark the difference of the new fashion year.

The Milan, Paris and New York fashion shows have starting triggering the craze for some very catchy trends of designs and have marked the strongest traits of fashion that will rule and manipulate the trendy looks with the influence of color being dominant like in the current fashion fall.  Men’s winter fashion 2014 is in fact some of the very interesting stocks to really add to your wardrobe with some of the hottest and dominant color trends handpicked and related below.

Winter Color Trends 2014

The black fashion is one of the very popular looks of the coming winter fashion 2014 for men in color trends. Going for a complete black image will be a factor that will not only blend in with the dull environment but will also make the manly look stunning in every way. So make sure to have a variety of everything in black color. This stock of winter trends has shirts, boot, coats, ties and accessories that will make not only your semi formal needs classy but also cater to your formal looks as well.

Color continues to intimidate the fashion floor with so many other decent displays of items and clothes that circulate a good lively menu of winter variety. Blue and Red vibrant suits for men fashion look is one of the ruling traits in the men’s winter collection of 2014; as seen on the men’s fashion ramp. In blue color; all the bright shades have a classic variety in suit coats and short for men and there is a vast scope of experimentation with color combinations. Ranging from the electric blue shade to the  dark navy; there is an abundant color trends on the palette . The printed shirts, pants and jeans will also be having a lot of color usage to enliven the winter trends look in the most inspirational way.

Winter Color Trends

 While in the red shade the dark tone will be hot look to carry. It is one of the dominating shades that will  be having good use especially in Europe. For boys especially, these colored will be highly complementing with the printed shirts that are in vogue in the winter fashion 2014 for men and boys.   Fabrics such as velvet and leather have so much striking varieties that spending the winter without them will really be no men’s fashion at all. The smart soft ruffles skinny pants, the fancy cape styled coats, long jackets, leather fitted suits etc are some of the smart styles that are going to be the carriers of trend the coming fashion fall. In the casual winter fashion 2014 for men the baseball jackets with colored patches will up as always for a cool and simple weekend getup. Roll neck sweaters, waist coats, large collar coats, dramatic button styles etc will  carry these shades just fabulously well in the new winter trends in men;s fashion.



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