Over Confidence – A Weakness in Personal Development


Over confidence is basically a mode of behavior which tends to make a person ignorantly judge and assume things on grounds of ‘extreme confidence’ rather than the actual accuracy and analysis of the gravity of a situation which often turns out to be the opposite of the expectation.

Though confidence is good at times for being determined in attempting to do things; yet It is a potentially fatal strategy of bad habits and behavior which in the extreme case  has dire consequences on personal development and is a great cause of setbacks with regard to being a factor that promotes other personality problems like egoism, ignorance, imperfection, stubbornness, attitude problem etc which hamper all channels of personality development and self improvement.

Over Confidence

Judging from the perspective a bad habit, personality problem and the impacts it bears on an individuality, the following handful of the most perilous effects  of over confidence become inevitable to discuss

Induces sense of superiority

Overconfidence  as a crucial personality problem tends to rule out an egoistic concept about one’s self of being the best and always right, though it is an acknowledged fact that none but a fool is always right. The ignorance is a bad habit that tends to offer such a person an elusive belief where he stands superior to others.

makes a person arrogant

over confidence as a personality problem  slowly tends to empower a person with the trait of arrogance in attitude and behavior whereby he incessantly displays a derogatory, mean and offensive mode of behavior towards others on assumed superiority complex. It comes as a great blow to the social relations and interactions in the professional and personal circle of dealings.

A cause of failure & embarrassment

 Since over confidence tends to culminate a sense of having a good grip at everything; despite being out of practice and preparation or having no know-how, it tends to make your chances of failure all the more . This is in itself a great factor of  personality problem and embarrassment when you loudly portray to be’ Mr. know it all’ and yet end up last as nothing but a laughing stock.

Uncompromising nature

This is one of the greatest flaws about an attitude of over confidence that it lays down hard and fast belief of knowing to be right which makes a person unwilling to compromise on solutions and propositions made by others. With such a personality problem, He fails to give due respect and consideration to those around him and it earns him isolation in the long term of relations in the professional and personal sphere of life. This mode of a bad habit minimizes chances of success and good term relations.

Lack of preparation

The chances of being unprepared for something in life are extremely high if you are governed by over confidence because in the wake of assuming you can do it or its easy, often turns out to be a disadvantage. Facts and figures need to be scrutinized no matter what the challenge and taking your opponents and rivals easy or assuming to be better than them serves nothing but a loss and lead to poor negotiations.

Unprofessional attitude

Over confidence in terms of unprofessional attitude, a bad habit and a personality problem tends to highlight the disrespectful behavior which may include being careless,  disobedience in carrying out orders because of the sense of superiority etc.  it promotes a defensive retaliation from co-workers and  tends to negate channels of promotion and success.


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