Essential Tips For Flawless Sunglasses Maintenance


Want to keep your sunglasses alive for as long as possible? Learn essential ways to maintain them and prolong their life!

5 Tips for Sunglasses Maintenance

Tips for Sunglasses

  1. Clean your eyewear properly

Flawless sunglasses maintenance starts with an everyday cleaning. You should never clean your eyewear with paper tissues or cotton towel because their texture will cause terrible scratches. We recommend purchasing a special microfiber cloth, which will clean your custom glasses well even in the trickiest spots.

  1. Take care of their shape

When we purchase our sunglasses they fit us perfectly, but unfortunately, things can change within some period of time. Sunglasses have a tendency to lose their shape if you handle them improperly. You shouldn’t wear them on your head or take them off with only one hand.

  1. Purchase a storage case

When you buy your awesome custom glasses, you should also buy a proper storage case. It should be made of a hard material, which will help to prevent serious damage. Stick to the golden rule: your sunglasses should be in the storage case whenever they aren’t on you.

  1. Avoid scratches at all cost

Scratches are easy to get and impossible to fix in most cases. They are like a symptom of a terrible disease, which will eventually kill your favorite accessory. In order to avoid scratches, you should never place your sunglasses with their lenses down and always store them properly!

  1. Use professional help

We recommend having your sunglasses checked by the professionals every year. Most stores offer free customer service, so why not? Experts will examine your eyewear, tighten loose screws, clean the lenses thoroughly, and restore the initial beauty of your sunglasses!


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