Exotic Nail Polish Color Trends 2016 for Summer


 Upcoming Nail polish color trends 2016 are your signal to shop the A-list colors deemed to  be the dash of summer 2016 color statements.

With a lively and energizing pallet on heat, for women it’s pretty much the time to update to what’s new in the use of shades of hand adoration.  With a lot on display, we’re penning down the most appealing shades  really flattering for the open seasonal shift.

Latest Nail Polish Color Trends 2016

Top Nail Polish Color Trends 2016

Branded Rose Vibes – Limited Editions

Top brands are certainly on the move to make their limited edition vintage nail polish color trends 2016 go viral on account of their extremely exotically fresh tones ideal for the summer look.

Forming a fascinating scope of mild and revitalizing tenors; the way rose blush pink is a majestic low pitch color is strikingly fabulous and is a definite add-up to the beauty kit.

2016 Peach Nail Polish Trend

Peach Nail Polish Color Trend

Nude Shimmer Pearls

Splash on some nail polish trend without going too bold.

Soft, elegant and glamorously natural looking- it’s  the nude pearl shades we’re talking about. They are some of the most decent nail polish color trends 2016 ideal for professional arenas, schools and colleges and kitty parties.

Brown Nail polish Color Trend 2016

Brown Nail polish Color Trend 2016

Saffronic Pastel yellow

A great way to go elegantly tropical and energizing in the broad daylight is with the sunwash pale tone of pastel yellow. Toiling up the variety to enjoy, the saffron mash up with light yellow is another pleasing trend on the A-list fad to try out.

Yellow Nail Polish Color Trend 2016

Pastel Nail Polish Trend 2016

Shocking Fuchsia

We all love the flattering the pretty pink tones that perk up the complexion and it’s the bold and the beautiful tone of fuchsia themes we are mainly focusing on. It ranks in  the top nail polish color trends 2016 for its loud color statement which is widely at use in the trendy street fashion.

Fuchsia Nail Polish Trend 2016

Fuchsia Nail Polish Trend 2016

 Oceanic Algae Blue

Fabulously refreshing and mild  to the  sight, shimmery or matt  deep blue sea algae tone and mild salt water hues are the pretty shades deemed as  mascots for all printed wear you own in the upcoming summer.

Algae Blue Nail Trend 2016

Algae Blue Nail Trend 2016

Red Grape

Steeping down a bit in brightness, Red grape is your lucky shade for formal events; especially when your pursuing to pump up a majestic element of sensuality in your outlook. Deep and passionate, It’s just the perfect nail polish to kick start an attention grabbing beautification of the hands.

2016 Red Nail Polish Trend

Grape Red Nail Polish Trend 2016

Sunset Orange

One of the best  nail polish color trends 2016 is of the dying sun because summer is spiceless with tropical shades like orange ; yet this time matt and murkier shade is what the rage is about. An ideal combo with nail art, you can edge out with its invigorating gleam.

Orange Nail Polish Color Trend 2016

Sunset Orange Nail Polish 2016


the hundred shades of brown are some of the hottest beauty trends for women which rank as toppers in the latest Nail polish trends 2016.  A the shimmer edition is what to pursue for this shade to whet out the intended charm of the shade.

Leatherwood Brown 2016 Nail Color Trend

Leatherwood Nail Polish

Though nail art trends have been ruling the forefront of  women’s beauty trend lately; yet talking simple block shades  for those who like to stick to a more  formal and sophisticated impression, the above nail polish trends 2016 are what to hook up to. Reshuffle your kit now!


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