Glamorous Prom Hairstyles 2016 & Ideas for Girls


When we talk of the latest prom hairstyles 2016, we absolutely want to focus on the epic side of creativity in styling that can allow girls to book their best look.

From short to medium and long styles, it’s a blast of amazing trends that simply win the heart with their awe inspiring look. Stepping ahead of the normal and ordinary way of styling long hair, we have spot lighted some elegantly hot and glamorous hair trends that go fit on for the prom event. Some of the very exquisitely fresh and chic prom hairstyles for girls to rock their hot look at the event are:

Hottest prom hairstyles 2016

Braided prom hairstyles- One thing to be surly focusing on in the fall 2016 trends is that of the braids. The versatility of plait styles allows you to get recreational with styles. One such fabulous idea is paired with a combo of the half up princess hairstyles. Merely pull back half of your hair neatly at the back and loosely tie up an irregular concept of the braid that goes classically over the shoulder. This is blast look of styling which will surely be one of the greatest you’ve ever tried.

Pigtail effect– Simple and easy to style, this is one of the cutest prom hairstyles 2016 for medium length hair that minimally rolls up a pigtail ponytail effect on medium layers. Gorgeous, youthful and chic, it is a style that can be the deal for the event if you don’t want to try out complex and hard to manage hairstyles.

Blow out layers– The latest   prom hairstyles 2016 are all about loving your natural looks with a slight twist of presentation. So, set aside the use of products and creams and simply adhere to a fresh and gorgeous presentation of the blown out average layers. They are absolutely hassle free and lively in a light flaxen hair color. So shine out.

Crimpled texture– As seen on the runway and other fashion shows, the trend of slightly permed textures seem to be quite popular and it is s great combo with the new prom hairstyles 2016 which without much effort flaunts an elegant look so fresh and meek that it surely will be loved by girls. With a medium thick braid running over the head, the front hair are given a parted reverse roll tie at the back. The crimpled texture is what gives this idea a unique presentation of hair designing.

Casual styles– Messy looks are always welcomed very time for their care free least hassling effort yet don’t mistake this to be a look that is lame for the prom night. In fact messy prom hairstyles 2016 are some of the best options that play up a flirty and teased look absolutely what girls need for this occasion. Just select out a small width/ portion of the hair from the mid front tiara and pin it mid top lazily. Let the rest of the long hair sway naturally in a disheveled manner.

Long semi loose layered ringlets – Long hair seem to be a favorite trend in the top prom hairstyles 2016 with just so many inspiring ideas to kick start a dazzling look for girls. A semi loose curly hairstyle is one that is always festive and lets girls flatter up with looks that are glamorous and cheery. A layered cut will best help serve out a volumized design. Dark hair shades are the key to best looks.

Pulled back ponytails – For girls wanting to flaunt away a fresh and gleaming appearance, a tightly pulled back sleek ponytail prom hairstyle is the best choice. With all the hair neatly brushed out of the way, you can work your way with the magic of makeup to emphasize a more sensual look.

Deep sensual wet Twist– Damp and semi wet hair textures have been quite a thrill when it comes to ideas and trends that are dramatically impressive. They seem to give the curls and waves a more inspirational outlook that gets you noticed with its charm. One of the cute and flattering prom hairstyles 2016 for girls with medium hair is a full side sweep combing with sensual deep twist placed craftily over the shoulder.

Crown raised half back– every little change can be a trend setting look with the latest prom hairstyles 2016 and to support what we mean, the raised crown winch effect tied half back is a fresh version of the princess hairstyles. The drama of the idea is right at the front which in fact is a unique way to give height to your hair. It’s a great idea for girls with long hair.

Low parted vintage bun– One thing that never fails to win the hearts is the nostalgic touch of the vintage updo buns. Packed with simplicity and gorgeousness, a loose center part low bun is a chic and stylish idea for the prom this season. It naturally gives you an innocent and cute look that should surly come in handy.

Speaking of bun hairstyles, there is always the hot side of wrapping up the hair if you don’t like the idea of looking beautiful the simple way. For girls who want to be more flirty and sizzling, a high top rough roll bun is a classy way to flare up some momentum in your prom style.

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Last but not the least; adorning is a guaranteed way to look like the prom queen. Fancy head bands, hair clips and floral attachments can really zing up your hairstyles be it the curls, waves or a straight and sleek hairstyle.



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