Hair Trends 2014 for Women


Hair trends Last year aimed at a refined and glamorous look in hairstyling by inclining towards a rich hair texture and catchy hair shades; which most certainly breathed in an invigorated and refreshing touch to the otherwise simple and normal hair styles. Sleek hairstyles and streaked hairstyles were all the rage. However; with the new year, there is plenty of modern changes which have been brought about in the new hair trends 2014 that have totally changed their course of approach in styling of the modern hairstyles with greater ferocity.

 However; one of the thing that is worth appreciating in the latest hair trends 2014 is that they have continued to practice the popular looks of last year’s top hairstyles and made some of them a part of the package for 2014.

               Runway Hair Trend 2014

Normal hair texture has been one of the common trends seen put to display on the fashion ramps. This however, doesn’t mean that the sleek texture is out; in fact both these options are open for some of the coolest styles in vogue.  The normal hair texture has given the loose and messy hair trends 2014 a better medium of expression than that offered by the sleek hairstyles because the sleek texture flaunts neat and well groomed looks; whereas the normal texture better flaunts the creative intention of the messy styles. Loose hairstyles are the best styles offered in the package of the modern hair trends 2014  in the Normal hair texture. The loose touch has been fused into almost every formal and semi formal hairstyle such as the formal updo, braided hairstyles, ponytails etc. so be it anything that you try this season, its all what its about this season- simple causally formal and unique.

New Hair Trend

Bold hair trends 2014 are all the rage this season with boldness having many meanings in styling.  Hairstyles in particular the short and medium hairstyles 2014, have so much ferocity in cutting techniques and use of hair shades, that it has made the art of hairstyling not only modern but totally revolutionized. So even if you’re going absolutely crazy with the color combinations- be sure it’s trendy. To go along with the trend of boldness are the fad of vibrant hues.

Bright hair shades have in face definitely geared ahead and bold hair shades such as electric blue, purple, pink etc are now a common; not to forget one of the hottest hair trends 2014 which even the celebrities have loved to carry at public appearances.

Fierce hairstyles are the paramount hair trends 2014 of the modern hairstyles 2014 which have sharp, edgy, jagged and pointed cuttings and finishing as their prime tool of attraction. Hairstyles like the latest modern funky, asymmetrical, tapered, undercut, Short and disheveled styles are all a good package of striking hairstyles which are ideal for all ages.

Slick hairstyles are some of the best styles for those who either want to display the full grace of their thick hair or the appeal of their facial assets through makeup. Tightly pulled back high and low slick ponytails have been some of the top hairstyles of fashion shows which offer a fresh and striking look of the face for a mod look that is daring it its own cycle of charm.

Wet Hair Trend

 The wet look is also one if the new hair trends 2014 which are definitely unique and new. The concept is to basically make use of gel and sprays to settle down the top and front hair which are styled back with the rest of the hair left in the normal texture of waves and curls to offer a eccentric contrast of styles.


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