Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair


Long length hair have found a great medium of style expression with the trend of the braided hairstyles 2014 which have effortlessly given women a unique and lively way to flaunt  the grace of long locks. Initially simple braids or the French braid were quite popular but the trend of braided hairstyles faded into the background for a while. However, the latest hair fashion trends have once again geared them back into top rankings as some of the trendiest braided hairstyles for long hair which are undeniably a common sight at celebrity events and in the open public. The most thrilling thing about the latest Braided hairstyles for long hair is that these modern hairstyles 2014 are highly adaptive to all the hot trends in hair fashion; which makes them some of the most versatile styles in the contemporary hair fashion. You can fuse in any type of hair trend you want.


Braided hairstyles for long hair tend to complement all types of face structures and age and so you can very confidently carry any one of the top braided hairstyles look at any formal event.  One of the pre-requisites to flaunt maximum charm of the twists and turns of the braided hairstyles for long hair is to use light and rich hair shades such as blonde, red and brown. Some of the top braided hairstyles for long hair being all the rage include the foremost, the loose side braided hairstyles. You simply don’t have to worry about flyaway’s, as the messy and loose braid is what the trend is all about. Having bangs and fringes styles in a full fringe straight or slanting manner offer a catchy contrast to the  side braided hairstyles. They are in fact some of the most popular  celebrity hairstyles; as seen carried by Nicole Kidman, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart etc. they are ideal formal hairstyles for long hair for all types of hot and high profile functions-  not to forget every type of attire as well.

Braided Hairstyle 2014

Braided hairstyles for long hair make up some of the top Greek formal hairstyles for women when styled in the messy and loose styles along with slight accessorizing touch with fancy floral clips and bands. One sided princess braided hairstyles or two-sided styles are some of the simple yet appealing formal styles that are not only easy to mange and styles but also to flaunt an elegant image in public. When formality is the call, then the formal updo   hairstyles can certainly not be missed out on. In the Braided hairstyles for long hair the full crown braid and the low bun styles are some of classic looks that offer a romantic look when accessorized with large floral hair accessories. This adorned look is a reason why these Braided hairstyles for long hair have also become some of the top wedding hairstyles that offer the brides not only elegance but also the tinge of creativity to make her look all the more eye catching.









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