Hot Oil Manicure Treatment for Gorgeous Hands


Give your hands a luxury hot oil manicure treatment to beautify the skin and nails inside out through an extensive nourishment with essential oils. Your hands say a lot about how much you invest in yourself and beautiful hands and nails in fact are  vital signs of feminine delicacy which needs to be pampered at all times.

However; If dry , uneven , weak and brittle nails are your concern, then a hot oil manicure skin treatment is undeniably the best way to gear back their natural strength and vigor. Not only that you can fortify their immunity against possible infections and wear and tear.

What is a hot Oil Manicure Treatment?

hot oil manicure treatment

Hot Oil Manicure Treatment

A hot oil manicure treatment is usually serviced in luxury spas and it is one of the most expensive services that comes not only as a way to doll up your hands but also revamp the health and outlook of your nails.

Being exposed 24 hours a day to wear and tear, it becomes all the more vital to care for your hands and with this highly nourishing treatment you can not only smarten up the charm and health of your hands and nails abut also prevent them from pre-mature aging and also offer fortification against skin problems in the long run.

 Hot Oil Manicure Procedure

There isn’t much science regarding how a hot oil manicure treatment is done. The normal procedure works on combining essentially rich vitamins and oils that offer a deep reach effect in the skin and nails to fortify and enhance their outlook . Below are the stepwise procedure of a hot oil manicure skin treatment.

Foremost you need to  take up some ingredients which include:

  • Vitamin E capsules
  • Sunflower oil and castor oil ( mixed together)
  • Almond oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Olive oil

STEP 1 All the above mentioned ingredients are mixed and warmed in a microwave/ electric heater for a time phase of 30 seconds.

STEP 2 The therapists then Dip your finger nails into this warm oily solution and let are kept drenched until the mixture cools down naturally.

STEP 3 After the dip phase, the manicurist gives your hands , wrists and nail cuticles a rub down for a potent effect of the oils into the skin and nails.

STEP 4  The oil is then wiped off with plain luke warm water and wiped clean with a towel.

After finishing, the hands are moisturized with a good moisturizer leaving behind an amazing softness and cleaned skin along with shiny and strong looking nails.

It is advisable to do a hot oil manicure treatment twice a week to retain the natural gleam and robustness. The same procedure can be done at home as well.

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Benefits of a Hot Oil Manicure

  • One of the paramount benefits of a hot oil manicure treatment is that it guarantees cleaner, stronger and healthy looking skin and nails. You will not be finding a quicker and easier way to actually restore and revive a better condition of the hands than through this method.
  • It tends to perk up the nail and skin texture by making them smooth, soft and youthful looking.
  • Protects the nails from infections and internal damage.
  • It helps whisk away dryness of the hands through deep nourishment.
  • It is a fabulous remedy for brittle, flakey and stained nails.

Another complimentary health benefits that comes along with a hot oil manicure treatment is that it tends to boost the health of the wrist and makes it more flexible ; which in return improves the health of the hands.

Though you can do a hot oil manicure treatment at home too, yet the professional service at the spas goes unmatched. With a vast list of products to choose and use, you won’t be finding a much better way to pamper and charm up your hands than with this luxury hand treatment.

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