Hot Stone Massage Therapy – The Benefits


A sound physical state of health is indeed a blessing. Ever thought of trying a hot stone massage as a healthy habit? If not, then a hot stone massage is surely one of the body therapies you certainly need to try out at least once for a blissful phase of relaxation and health benefits. A hot stone massage usually costs around $120-150 but the costs may vary in accordance with the luxury level arena you opt to get it done from.

Aesthetic beauty treatments have become a hype lately due to their instant corporeal enhancement effects and Indeed, in this age of beauty consciousness, anything that tends to keep alive the vigor and robustness of the body, it surely is worth it. A hot stone massage is one such remedy that frees the body of pain and stress and eases it out of physical discomfort to facilitate better health and emotional condition.

What is a Hot Stone Massage?

hot stone massage

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

A hot stone massage is a skillful art of a body rub down that makes use of various sized smooth sanitized basalt river stones or black volcanic rocks that have been pre-heated with electrodes or in water of 120-150 degrees. The method of a hot stone massage is to relax the body muscles at pressure points with the pre-heated stoned to maximize therapeutic benefit. The high potency of Iron in these rocks helps them to retain heat for longer durations; hence ideal for the massage therapy.

The client is made to lie down face front so that the therapist warms up the body initially with essential body oils and then places the pre-heated stones along the spine, on the palms, belly , toes at pressure points. The stones are placed in a spiral pattern replaced once they lose warmth. This half an hour session tends to drain out body stress and relieves the client totally relaxed and fresh. A hot stone massage is available also for the feet and face too.

Advantages of Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone masage rocks

When talking about the benefits of a hot stone massage , we need to keep in mind that it is beneficial not only physically but also renders a great deal of constructive psychological effects too.

Below are the main and significant incentives of this treatment:

Improved Circulation one of the main benefits of a hot stone massage is that heat of the stones triggers better flow of blood greatly improves its circulation in the whole body. It in addition increases better oxygen and energy supply to cells and tissues and thus, promotes improved functioning, development and enhancement of the body and skin.

Stress Free Body   There cannot be a better way of stress management than this technique. By making use of the hot stones, the therapist can manipulate deep skin tissues and ease up tensed, cramped or aching muscles. People having extremely stiff physical conditions can really find the hot stone massage a blessing that frees them from the body discomfort.

Toxin Flush out Free radicals and other toxins which tend to lead to premature aging and other body dysfunctions like clogging can be forced out with a hot stone massage therapy. That’s why clients are asked to drink ample water after the therapy so that the aftermath can help release those toxins out of the body.

 No More Pain Though every type of body massage tends to relief body pain, yet a hot stone massage is more effective because it works on an intense deep reach action that penetrates deeper into the body muscles and tissues and gives better outcome.

Promotes Better Sleep A peaceful sleep is indeed a blessing and a hot stone massage can give you the ideal physical comfort to enjoy a sound tenure of sleeping hours. For people who have problems in sleeping, they can greatly benefit from this technique and restore a regular routine of sound sleeping habits.

Mental Relaxation All physical advantages of a hot stone massage ultimately lead to a better mental state. It greatly helps combat anxiety disorders and depression. It also helps to release mental stress and gives the body a better and more potent condition to work and function in.

Easy Injury Recovery   A hot stone massage can work like a healing process for minor injuries in the body like bruising, damaged tissue etc. The increased blood flow, enhanced heat, better functioning, relaxation of muscles and tissues all together can nurse you back to health.

Emotional Boost one of the wonder effects a hot stone massage is that it gives you a great emotional boost by calming down the physical turmoil, stress and uneasiness of the body. It psychologically tends to make you happy and satisfied.


  • Drink ample water after this treatment to re-hydrate your body.
  • People with diabetes, high blood pressure, on medication or heart problems, sunburns and pregnant women should avoid getting this therapy done.

Note: It is highly recommended to get a hot stone massage done by a specialist therapist to avoid risks of burning and scars.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a break from the arduous daily routine and pamper yourself with a hot stone massage that allows you to relax away to happiness and comfort at the same time.


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