Hottest Hair Color Trends in Hairstyling


The addition of color tends to influence the appeal and moods in a very pleasing and inspiring manner and  If there is one dominant feature of the latest  hair fashion which has made  the greatest impact on the outlook and presentation of modern hairstyles- it definitely is the hair color trends.  Earlier hairstyles relied upon the natural hair color and look but now there is so many fresh and glamorously sizzling shades to enliven the grace of the hair.

Simple plain one colored modern hairstyles are some of the simplest yet classic looks which have a vast color palette to choose from with colors such as red, black, brown and blonde being the most demanded and used colors. For the lovers of the wild side of fashion the multi colored styles are the ultimate fashion expressions for a groovy personality.

rHair Color Trend  2014This trend in hair fashion has  given the fashion lovers a new channel of expressing their individuality such as the followers of the hip hop fashion, emo culture and the Gothic culture etc. Hair color trends in modern hairstyles have made styling more fun and enjoyable on account of the fact that there is no hard and fast rule to stay bound to a single hair shade.

Streaking has rendered a fabulous platform of fun and style appeal to all the contemporary modern hairstyles. In fact having two colors to play a cool role in your appearance is a common sight out on the streets with foremost streaking being one of the hottest and most popular hair color trends.The streaked look tends to pair up well with  sleek texture and give awesome  and modern looks to all hairstyles no matter what the length. It adds texture and enhances the appeal to a whole new level. Streaking too is a free hand choice as to which area of the style you wish to use it on. One of the best tips to have utmost results of hair color trends in streaking is being selective about the contrasting shades you use. The most popular areas are the full streaks, tops streaks and streaked fringes.

Dip dying is another  one of the hottest hair color trends that has been in vogue in the contemporary world of styling and aims at coloring and dying the lower portion of the hair lengths. This effect has shown best results on long wavy modern hairstyles which apart from being some of the hottest and hassle free styles also are the smartest style most convenient for causal and formal needs and looks.

Two-toning is another technique of hair color application to short and medium modern hairstyles in the sleek texture. It basically involves the use of one dominant color on the outer side of the hairstyles while the hair from the inner side are colored in a contrasting and darker shade to mark its prominence and add a touch of the impact of color which seems very catchy when looked at. Gothic hairstyles and    emo hairstyles are some of the contrasting examples whereby hair color trends  offer varied looks ranging from the wild styles to very decent and sober shaded styles.

Color blocking is another one of the fabulous and very popular modern hair fashion color trends which flaunts a fantastic dose of contrasting shades. Basically it differs from streaking in the sense that it is used at lower lengths of the or on the top portion. Color is applied full on the targeted area; unlike in streaking in which selected hair strands are given the color effect. It is one of the most popular hair trends in celebrity hairstyles.


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