How To Choose a Tattoo : A Guide for Guys


How to choose a tattoo is as much of a mundane process as choosing a suitable midtown haircut. Nevertheless, it is just as important, because the wrong choice can spoil your appearance for decades to come.

Tips to Choose a Tattoo

Here are several recommendations on what you should never tattoo on your body.

How to choose a tattoo

Skulls are manly, but do you know what, they are also tacky. Slapping one on your anatomy won’t turn you into a badass; however, it can and probably will make you seem like a real dumbass. Unless you are a tough, bad member of a motor club, we suggest staying clear of this one. There is 99% chance it won’t look as good as you think it will. So when sitting down on your homework on how to choose a tattoo, think of the image you want to project.

 The signs, the meaning of which you are not aware of. Yeah, I get it, whatever squiggle you’ve chosen looks cool. Unfortunately, you have to either do your research before tattooing it or ditch it altogether. No one wants to have an unknown gang sign on their neck, right? Tears, cobwebs, crowns, and swastikas should also be avoided at all costs. Not unless you are sure of what you want to symbolize, we advise you to stay away from it.

When pondering over how to choose a tattoo for yourself, please guys just remenber that Hieroglyphs are always a terrible choice. They look terrible, they are incredibly trashy, and you have no idea what they mean. You can have “made in China” tattooed on your left forearm along with the expiration date of a canned soup for all you know.

Avoid tribal pieces like a plague. Unless you are a Native, and you have a particular symbol, which is significant for your heritage, get away from tribals. Bands on biceps and forearms don’t look good if you are a typical white dude; moreover, avoid tribal stylized everything. Phoenixes, tigers, mazes, and flames are true abominations.

God forbid you from getting lettering or quotes. Leave these to gangster wannabes and Tumblr girls. They rarely look good; they are almost never original, and they are definitely never stylish.

Don’t tattoo your girlfriend’s name on your body. Even if you love her and want to marry her. You can’t know how your life turns out to be, and it will be extremely difficult for you to explain to your next significant other why you have “Jessica” written all over your chest. It does not mean you can’t tattoo the names of other people on your body. Feel free to decorate your anatomy with the names of your kids, friends, and relatives if you want to.

Gag pieces are fun and amazing, but only if you are ready to rock them when you are out of your drunken haze. Getting a tattoo on a bet or as a joke is a very bad idea if you are not a generally playful and frivolous guy. If you are and you are not opposed to people laughing at the piece, go for it.

No matter what, remember that most of the rules are relative and can be broken. Get that Chinese sign from the soup can if you want to. It’s your body, and you can do whatever you want with it. Just be prepared to be made fun of from time to time.



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