Importance of Self Identity


Self identity is basically a critical analysis of one’s owns self with regard to  personality development and the current state of achievement after an introspection of the several channels of influences that have molded out an individual’s set of behavior, presentation, attitude, failure and success rate.

To know what your social and personal standing is in the various spheres of life, it is essential to have a self analysis regarding your own identity and worth. Self identity may be critical because regardless of the indefinite flaw and shortcomings you may be having; acknowledging them and knowing why they are there are some of the key points which can play a constructive role in rousing the willingness to make a stronger and better personality.

Self Identity


Factors to consider for self identity

Self identity allows you to pin down and take a bird’s eye view of who you are? What you are? Why you are like that? What can be changed and what should be pursued. The impact of all these queries is the first and most imperative step to knowing your limitations, caliber, room for personality development and recognition. In doing so factors like family origin, childhood experiences, relationships, attitude, temperament, achievements, up ringing, academic environment, mental and social influences and social standing are some of the vital aspects which tend to influence your current status in terms of failure, reputation and prosperity.

Significance of self identity

  • It’s the best way to know the pros and cons of one’s own individuality in the most honest way.
  • Self identity ensures constructive awareness which aims at better personality development
  • The perception and experience between ones past and future tends to rule out a ripe judgment of where the shortcomings lie and allows you to better draw out a conclusion regarding what now? And how?
  • It provides a channel of self improvement through awareness of where you have been going wrong so that you can make efforts tor eradicate its impact on your personality and success.
  •  Self identity can be a great way to see a ray of rousing inspiration of qualities in other individuals and may be a factor of boosting your willingness to be achieve more.
  • It is one of the best ways to come out of pretention and self deception of a fake personality which tends to walk on impersonating what others do rather than having one’s own distinct recognition.
  •  In the wake of the upheavals of life, self identity can promote a stronger being  by giving you the courage to move on and shun away the stagnant and pessimistic impact which continuous failures or limited resources may be having on you.

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT_ The more effort you make to root out yourself identity, the more dimensions of constructive personality development you aim for.- leaving nothing but a better and more refined individual that offers the better version of himself personally, professionally and socially.


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