Disadvantages of Impulsive Behavior


Impulsive behavior is basically a spontaneous reaction which is often done without forethought or consideration of the consequences which may follow in response to a certain situation or individual. It is an outcome of poorly conceived judgment. It is one of the weak personality traits which is often a cause of loss and risk of perilous results and is to a great extent accountable for your weak or no long term success professionally and in relations.

Impulsive behavior when analyzed in terms of positive behavior signifies the ability of boldness, determination and decisiveness which evince an individuals’ ability to take immediate action In critical and normal situations. However, in the normal perception of the phrase, it is usually associated with negative, weak and bad habits of personality traits and actions which are often accompanied with undesirable outcomes.

Impulsive Behavior

Disadvantages of Impulsive behavior

Usually the impacts of impulsive behavior as a bad habit are negative and tend to undermine an individuals success rate not only professionally but also with respect to his identity. Below are some of the paramount impacts which together result in great loss overall.

A risk-Such behavior is always a risk no matter what the stage or circumstances and is a cause of uncertainly at all hours. Since there is no predicting how you will react, you are always on the brink of incurring loss as you fail to conceive what positive or fruitful outcome there might be or  what the right way of decorum is.

Disrespectful –By impulsively telling someone to shut up or gesturing him to keep quite without hearing out what others have to say, your are being disrespectful towards others. Ignoring people and trying to be in command in totally not acceptable when civility and ethical behavior are the demand of civilized people. It creates hatred for your and affects relations and is a bad habit that affects the PR status.

Emotionalism –Impulsive behavior is an indication of Emotional behavior which is not good for a strong personality. Reacting impulsively in a situation through intimidation or influence of  being emotionally moved makes a person indecisive  and unable to confront challenges by being strong enough to face reality no matter how painful. It is a brutal blow to determination and will power.

Over confidence-At times over confidence  as a weak personality trait, can also be a side effect of Impulsive behavior and make you nothing but a package of bad personality habits. Because it may makes a person haughty and ignorant and assume that by instant and at times harsh actions, he basically knows the rules of having things done his way. It can also be a factor of unwanted manipulation on professional platform.

A weakness-Impulsive behavior is undeniably one of the weak personality traits because it has more disadvantages than benefits. Not that one is afraid and that is what we means by weakness, bit as a factor which hampers not only success but also negates self-improvement which requires crude retrospection of flaws and means to rectify them.

Arrogance –can be an outcome of Impulsive behavior if it is with regard to harsh and straight forward back answering to people. It often sound rude and impolite and is a severe form of a bah habit  that can lead to isolation of a person as people avoid individuals who are offensive in their tone.

Invites trouble-When you tend to react without a second thought instantly, you are oblivious to what the retaliation maybe. If the opponent or circumstances are tougher than your perception, then it definitely invites trouble and inconvenience- which may be undesirable.

Reduces chances of success-Since you’re open to unpredicted outcomes, which have no guarantee of how they will bear impact upon your chances of achieving something you never gave a second thought to, the chances are usually less of attaining good results. The rate of risk overwhelms the chance of progress and success.


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