Latest Long Blonde Hairstyles – Fresh Ideas to Adopt


The undying trend of blonde locks is back with a bang and it’s no mystery as to why. The uplifting and invigorating bloom of the numerous tones and styles of the medium and long blonde hairstyles are some of the enlivening ways to flatter up your long tresses for possibly some of the most stimulating fashion fads this fall. Some of the fresh highlights of the exclusive new trends and concepts in medium and long blonde hairstyles reigning at the top of the demand charts have been brought to the lime light.

Blonde Regal Curls

Without a doubt, the all-embracing style never to fade in the background is definitely the curly look which is one of the hottest look you could possibly simmer out  in the long blonde hairstyles. The glorious textured outlook of the curls offer a majestic touch to the fair-haired styles with thriving charm fit for all seasons, events and occasions.

Long Blonde Hairstyle

 The Blowout Styles

These long blonde hairstyles follow a two-pronged feature program of a sleek top look till medium length and striking flip-out impressions at the tips. It’s one of the ideal and most convenient ways to carry a sassy and modern outlook of long hair with a fierce and impish finishing. For adding more momentum of grace to these long blonde hairstyles you can have a choppy effect at the tips rendering unique and innovative style that shine out in mere pretext of the blonde hue. For the most romantically formal look, carrying the blowout long blonde hairstyles in the side-flip manner is the best way to nail down the hottest look for all formal events.

Long Blonde Hairstyle

Faux Fringe

For some of the eye-skimming  effects in long blonde hairstyles inspired by the classy vintage hairstyles of the late 70’s, a touch of the serrated  bangs tend to do magic for some of the fiercely glamorous look ideal for long hair. Leave alone the full hair to sway about in their own realm of charm and add those fierce variable styled bangs for an impact that simply does not go unnoticed. It’s one of the popular styles that have become a hot call by ladies in pursuit of a catchy and flirty style statement.

Choppy blonde Hairstyle

Creased Back Braid

For carrying some of the best textured looks of long blonde hair, you can go extra creative with the braid style by creasing out a rough and semi casual style that effortlessly stamps you down as voguish.   Damp your hair and add some volumizing sprays to have the perfect scrunched up impression. Tease a bit of the hair on top and bind them back in a loose braids and simply run your fingers at the top for  a wavy and coarse effect flaunting  one of the best  looks of the loose hairstyle trend with the rest of the fair-hair providing the length to make the creative braid  shine out all the more.

braided Long Blonde Style

Half Back Ponytails

The concept maybe old but the outlook is a new version of how to bind your long blonde hairstyle with perfectly groomed and well settled ponytail. Instead of the half-up try upgrade the style by going half with  sleek texture and parted front bangs that offers not only style but also highlights your facial assets with a full pulled back look giving way  to revitalized facial radiance

Sleek Long Blonde Hairstyle

 Glossy Bohemian waves

Enriched glossy long blonde hairstyles with volumized hair effects are some of the head-turning looks that mark a glamorous impact on your personality.  The lustrous texture tends to make the wave effect be much more conspicuous and enticing and also offers a bouncy effect that becomes all the more a reason to be noticed and emulated for that classy sub-cultural bohemian look.

Unique and impressive, these modern easy-to-style long blond hairstyles are some of the most popular looks for you to try this season.



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