Makeup Tips for Women with Dark Hair


When it comes to the art of makeup application then the trick of the art is to take into account things that really matter when it comes to simmering hot beauty looks. Compatibility of complexion, features and hair is vital in this regard. For women with dark hair color , certain makeup and beauty looks are ideal and most impressive if they wish to be rousing for others and be confident about themselves. Below are some of the handy makeup tips for dark hair women and girls that can play up their looks fabulously through some effective makeup tricks.


Go for dark bold shades

It’s often a misconception that bold shades such as orange and red only suit the light shades such as blonde.  Go daringly beautiful by shunning aside the organic and nude or pastel colors and bring in some vigor to your looks with shades known for spicing up the look. This is on e of the top makeup tips that gives uniformity to the effect of the dark hair on your looks and offers a fierce yet sophisticated look.

Makeup for Dark Hair

Use bronzers & highlighters with short haircuts

Here’s one of the greatest makeup tips for women with dark hair. If you have a short hairstyle that cuts around your jaw line or mid length, then be sure that it draws attention  towards your face and so you need to ensure that the dark hair have a complementing skin complexion. If you have dark natural skin as well then use bronzers and skin highlighters to simmer a fresh and glowing facial look which fits perfectly with the dark tresses and does  not let your natural dark complexion overwhelm the grace you can flaunt.

Cats style eye liner

This is the perfect way to simmer a sexy look with dark hair colors.  Though it takes time to get a grip over a well defined cat eye style; yet it is an ideal look for the eyes that goes classy with day and night events along with bold shades due to its fierce matching up with the dark hair color. To make it more glamorous avoid using eye shadows.

Sultry eye makeup

Going for dark Smokey eye makeup is one of the perfect beauty looks for ladies with dark hair because it complements the dark hair shade and gives a better and greater appeal replete with ferocity of charm. Using alight color of lipstick best complements this combination.

Avoid dark eye makeup with bold shades

One of the greatest makeup tips for ladies with dark colored hair is to maintain equilibrium when going for beauty looks. Since the hair is already dark and you may be going for brighter lipstick shades, keep it  light on the eyes otherwise it will all go too dark and vampy.


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