Medium Hairstyles 2014 for Women


The new fashion fall 2014 -15 has brought along a gust of modern creative fads, styles, ideas and hair trends in the Medium Hairstyles 2014 for women. Giving them sound basis of appeal, the new richness and sharpness of cutting has given medium hair a boost in the ranking of the top styles chosen by women. So, Forget about those dull and simple medium hairstyles of the past when you had limited options and bring in a transition replete with freshness and vigor which is the punch line of the modern medium haircuts.

As for the mainstream media, the change in hair trends in the Medium Hairstyles 2014 for women has provided lots of creative options and hair styling ideas in medium haircuts. If any of those modern celebrities and glamour girls has ever inspired you with their medium styles, then you probably need to check out why with  the list of medium haircuts below to know which styles will be stealing away the limelight.

Medium Hair style

Messy plait with regal braid

These are surely some of the top Medium Hairstyles 2014 for women. This amazing new style from the latest hair trends can get you that highly impressive ‘Greek’ look and feel. Those extremely creative messy Grecian plaits have all the style options for you which you need in order to stand apart from the crowd of millions of fashion freaks around the world. You can also choose to add multiple hair accessories to messy plaits in order to provide a terrific royal flair to this unique hair design.

Medium Haircut 2014

Blunt bangs and soft curls

Blunt bangs and soft curls are the new talk of the town in the contemporary hair trends of medium haircuts. With an impressive design and attractive curls and bangs, this new modern hairstyle is bound to provide you with all that glamour and style which you’ve been wanting so direly all your life. This amazing medium haircut look, through its slight curls at the end, makes a terrific new hair design for modern women. It surely is the right style to opt for the New Year and is easily one of the best Medium Hairstyles 2014 for women.

 Heavy waves

Heavy waves have been receiving a great appraisal from hairstylists all around the world when it comes to the most popular hair trends in vogue. It is a perfect contemporary way to set hairstyle of medium length which is being extensively used in the mainstream media. Celebrities in films and fashion world are frequently adopting the heavy wave designs due to their rich variation and attraction.

Medium Hairstyle for Women

Medium -Long grey curls

Medium grey curls are one of the latest Medium Hairstyles 2014  hair trends  for women. Modern celebrities such as Rihanna have increased the popularity of this amazing new medium  hairstyle 2014. Through its big grey curls and twists, you can achieve that distinctive look and appeal which you have wanted all your life. Long grey curls can also be complimented with almost all forms of modern women accessories such as gold and silver jewelry, metallic lipstick designs, headbands and flowers to provide a perfect finishing to this unique style.

Ombre curls

Ombre curls  and caramel highlights are yet another entry in the top Medium Hairstyles 2014 for women. Mainstream celebrities have increased the popularity of these amazing hair trends design which is bursting with style and glamour. All modern women can find lots of creative options through this new attractive medium haircuts of 2014.





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