How to Nail the Perfect Business Look


When it comes to business look in terms of menswear, the rule is simple – keep it classy no matter what. If you would like to find out how to update it, you are definitely at the right place. Here is a simple guide on how to do it, so stay with us and learn about the basics of the formal style.

How to Update Your Business Look

When talking about business casual, it is important to say that men should base their looks on timeless pieces that are very versatile at the same time. Some of such clothing items are certainly two-button blazers in dark shades, good collared shirts, tailored pants, high-quality ties, and so on.

Business Look Fashion

The good news is that the traditional fit is gradually loosening up these days, so there are many business men today who are wearing much looser jackets yet slightly tighter pants than just a few years ago. This trend will stay here for a while, and suits will definitely remain a trim fit no matter what.

Business Look Essentials

Having in mind the fact that the world of fashion is constantly changing, it is reasonable to expect that business style will go with the flow, too. However, there are some formal-friendly staples every man has to own in his closet.

Here are the three most important of them:

Fitted White Button-Down Shirt

This piece is so versatile and that makes it an absolute must-have when it comes to business look. It will definitely never let you down. A white button-down shirt will look fantastic in both formal and everyday outfits – you can pair it up either with good tailored suit for a business meeting, or with a pair of denim for a casual drink with friends after work.

High-Quality Trench Coat

Every modern business man knows that a good trench coat is highly required item in his wardrobe, especially the one with precisely tailored details and tapered waist. Choose the one with a modern cut that will be appropriate for all occasions and you won’t have to worry about anything.  If you would love to look chic and timeless, pick the double breasted trench coat and you will make no mistake.

Dark Tailored Suit

Needless to say, every businessman needs a decent suit – if not for every day, then for some major corporate meeting. The most important thing when it comes to choosing perfect one is definitely the fit – if you buy it off the rack, it’s highly likely that you will need to have it adjusted. For that reason, buying custom suits that are made specifically according to your measures is the key to success. Choosing black colour is a safe option, but you can always step your game up and choose some patterns and brighter shades.

Business Look AccessoriesNew Business look

Aside from the aforementioned essentials that are crucial for business look, there are also some  accessories that will complement the whole outfit and take it to a completely new level. Some of these are a good wrist watch, leather belt and shoes in the same colour, as well as ties that perfectly match shirt and suit. Of course, the most important thing is that a man feels confident in what he is wearing, because his attitude and self-esteem largely contribute to his overall look and the way others perceive him.

Accessories for Business look

As you can see, a wardrobe that is built on classical pieces is exactly what you need in your life – such clothing items can be matched in so many ways and will always look fresh and urban, no matter which combination you choose. You will easily update your business look with our  formal guide in mind, that’s for sure!



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