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Lusting around in the market for beauty products that can give a boost to your facial charm is quite an ordeal and you simply can’t find the right stuff to pin down – a different cosmetic item for every different need can be quite a venture and waste of time, so why not go natural, play safe and get results with simple and economic beauty tips which can be done right at home. Treat yourself with nature’s fecund natural beauty products that can offer you a package of beauty results the cost-free way.


Raw coconut milk

Wanting to see a simple way to have instant facial glow?  Well the solution is just a crack away.  Crack up a raw coconut and use its fresh and crude milk on your face and hands and leave it overnight. Wash your face the first thing in the morning and be surprised with the amazing freshness and glow of your skin.

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Honey & ginger

Honey is an acknowledged natural beauty product for its great contribution in health and beauty. Paired up with ginger which has active ingredients that combat the rise and action of free radicals in the body; it offers a double-dose of beauty benefits when taken in a solution form by Simply soaking ginger in 200ml water and add a small amount of honey and just sip your way to beauty. You can also form a paste and apply it on your face for 10 mins and stay protected from the menace of wrinkling and lining. Honey and ginger are great for attaining glow, fairness, and smooth skin and is good in fortifying the skin against damage.

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Aloe Vera & almonds

Aloe Vera is the best organic beauty product which acts wonders for dry skin. Mix aloe Vera gel with grinded almonds and apply over face, hands and neck. It hydrates and freshens up the skin, provides moisture and leaves it as new as ever.

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Applying a strawberry face mask is one way to stay safe from dark circles, dull skin and wrinkles. Having salicylic acid in them makes them potent beauty products for the treatment of scars and acne. Simply mixed mashed strawberries with a small lemon, 2tb spoon honey and ¼ cup of yogurt and apply on face. Leave it till its dries up and then wash off with water.


The astringent action of lemon always ranks on top when its beauty talks. There are an indefinite number of ways to beauty treat yourself with lemon such as for loosening dark and hard skin areas such as on the elbow, knuckles, knees etc, skin lightening and as a facial bleaching beauty product.

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Water is the core natural product essential for survival and on top of that it is one of the most imperative natural beauty product that tends to gear the body into great functionality as it removes toxins, balances body fluids, keeps the skin rejuvenated, controls calories etc which together facilitate an internal boost to beauty results on the outside.

Unboiled milk

Unboiled milk is a great skin cleanser as it effectively whisks away dirt and debris on the face to reveal your true clean and clear complexion. It is also a good treatment for having smooth skin and a great organic product for  Sun burn, sun tan, skin darkness, discoloring.


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