Perm Hairstyles


Women are very particular when it comes to  hair trends  while selecting hairstyles for long hair as well as short styles because it’s a factor on which the image is at stake.  Some of the trending creative hairstyles for long hair  such as the perm hairstyles, are the evergreen looks which  women love to carry not only due to the charm of their presentation but also their convenience of management and carriage which caters well to their official, party and ceremonial requirements.  Be it any hair length; be sure to find a stunning look of the perm effect that is just right for you with a vast range of variance in the tightness of the perm effect.

Though perm hairstyles are usually linked to black women due to their innate hair texture; yet they are some of the reigning hair trends in celebrity hairstyles for long hair in the world of glamour whereby stars love to flaunt the charm of the perm look at events where sensational appearances earn them admiration. Below are some of the top looks in perm hairstyles.

Half pinned perm hairstyles- If you’re looking for some of the perky and elegant ways to be impressive in formal hairstyles, then  you can get that princess look with the half pinned perm hairstyles with so many hair trends  at disposal to make them all the more charming. The full pulled back, loose pinned, side tied and half pinned with front cascading strands and the half pinned knotted styles are the absolute charmers of the perm look. What more makes these  semi formal and formal hairstyles worth the envy are the richness of hair color and adorning with large hair floral accessories and beads for more passionate formal events. Ideal for proms, homecoming and weddings, there is just no limit of styles you can try.

Perm Hairstyle

Layered perm hairstyles – the hair trends of the layered cutting has been ranking as some of the top looks in formal hairstyles for long hair and they tend to be a part and parcel of every popular look you may pursue on account of their adaptive characteristic of blending in with every style. Short, medium and long perm hairstyles in the layered cuts are some of the very fresh styles which have fabulous grace with hair shades such as  rust, orange blonde,

Perm Hairstyle 2014

Short spiral perm hairstyles

These are some of the best looks you can possibly carry in the short and medium length. Their uniqueness rests on their distinct and loose spiral look which offers them great resemblance to the curly and wavy formal hairstyles for long hair. Adding bangs and fringes heightens the appeal and these styles are ideal for women above 40’s.

Perm hairstyles  are good and convenient for women with thin hair for a dramatic effect that offers the hair an apparent volumized look replete with creativity of the hair trends of the perm hair. You can further make these styles work to your advantage in concealing the thinness of the hair by giving the textured effects of colors such as red and blonde.



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