Popular Beauty Treatments for Men and Women


Catering to the modern demands of men and women for a glowing physical charm and flawless facial beauty; an indefinite number of beauty treatments have come into the forefront to render beauty and skin care services for all types of facial and body issues.

Popular Beauty Treatments

Though there are many advance technology treatments that are now in vogue; yet some of the safest, economical and most popular beauty treatments that still in demand  which offer perfect results are mentioned below.       

 Latest Beauty TreatmentsSnail Therapy

Snail therapy is one of today’s most popular skin and beauty treatments which is extensively used by beauty therapists in Tokyo and is slowly making its way towards the rest of the world. The secret behind this effective therapy for skin is the snail mucus. It is a perfect tool for retaining moisture in skin and decreasing the amount of inflammation which further helps in enhancing the skin functions and natural freshness.The snail mucus consists of proteins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid which are some of the most useful ingredients for glowing and fresh skin available today. Snail therapy requires placing small snails over the skin surface. The treatment usually takes not more than 60 minutes with a mild electrical pulse treatment in the end to finish off the procedure.

Beauty TreatmentsLaser treatments

These have been some of the most popular beauty treatments of the contemporary times which have offered magical effects to men and women. They are some of the best and most result oriented skin care treatments for removal of facial hair, acne and pimple treatments, skin tightening, fair complexion etc.

New and advance technology laser treatments for hair removal, liposuction, face lifting, wrinkling etc are the common beauty treatments that are safely offered through laser technology.

Beauty Treatments 2014Acupuncture

Acupuncture has now become one of the popular beauty treatments of today for stimulating collagen production and relaxing skin muscles. It is a wonderful technique for reducing the aging process, having tight skin and is currently one of the best skin treatments for healing and strengthening skin functions.

Another great benefit of this unique beauty treatment is the improvement in blood circulation which further helps in eliminating harmful toxins from the body, leaving your skin with a natural shine and glow. It is a perfect way to keep your skin healthy and fair for a long period of time.

  Popular Beauty TreatmentsMud baths

Mud is a great natural component which can bring about wonders for your skin . Mud bath beauty treatments for skin consist of purified mud which is free of chemical and harmful properties. It is then gently applied all over the body and initiates a relaxing, cool and peaceful effect in skin. The patients are soaked up in mud up to the neck area and then covered up in blankets to leave the mud to completely penetrate inside the skin for improved functions and effective. In other cases, the clay is often left uncovered to provide a more reformed cooling effect in the body.

The duration of time spent in the coolness of the mud gives a relaxing feeling is  a great way to drive out the enervation and stress. it is one of the best enjoyed beauty treatments during summer and is a great way to beat the scorching sunlight. it keeps the skin fresh and hydrated.

Massage Beauty TreatmentBody Massage

Body massage   treatments are one of the most common therapies for enhancing skin development and physical charm. There are currently many different forms of massage treatments such as the Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage and the popular Thai massage therapy. All of these types provide a peaceful and relaxing effect in body through the compression of muscles, activation of joints, and acupressure techniques. They are some of the great ways to relax your way to glowing fresh skin along with innumerable health benefits

New Beauty TreatmentSkin needling

Being one of the most effective beauty treatments, skin needling through injection serums and medicate solutions are injected into the target area for removing or enhancing the appeal of any facial or body problem. It is one of the best ways to have relief from acne, pimples, wrinkling, rashes etc in the shortest span of time. It has now become a common recommendation of top dermatologists.


Beauty Treatments for FeetLatest Pedicure and Manicure treatments

Our nails hold equal importance as any other body part and need extra care and nourishment for retaining their beauty in the long run. Pedicure and manicure beauty treatments not only make your hands and feet look beautiful but also help you in achieving a great relaxing session. Besides strengthening the nails, these sessions provide all the nutrition and support which your hands and feet require. The latest trend of fish pedicure is another thrilling addition to the latest foot care regimens.

The simple concept of cleansing, filing and trimming are the out-dated scopes of manicure and pedicure treatments. Through the latest and highly effective therapies, both your hand and feet skin receives lost supplements along with a proper nourishment to make it appear as beautiful and attractive as ever. There are currently four main types of manicure and pedicure treatments available today such as Regular Mani and Pedi, French Manicure/Pedicure, Nail Spa and Paraffin, with each one of these holding a distinct effect for skin.








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