Popular Runway Hairstyles 2014


The runway is the ultimate platform of knowing the crude hairstyle versions of any new fashion fall.  Unlike the common trending hairstyles seen flaunted about by the stars and the masses, the runway seems to have its inclination towards bold styles and looks  which in fact are their distinctive features. Despite the apparent absurdity and extra causal approach in the runway hairstyles 2014, their appeal is certainly there, which is why women turn to the fashion models for inspiration on the trending looks.

So if you’re in pursuit of knowing what the actual changes in hair trends 2014 have been, then update to the trending fashion models popular runway hairstyles 2014.

Runway Hairstyle

SLICK HAIRSTYLES  -They are some of the new additions to the modern runway hairstyles 2014 which feature really tight binding of the hair to make the head look apparently bold in shape. It renders a fierce look due to the enhanced conspicuity of the facial features and are really some of the very neat; yet sophisticated looking styles. The most common style in the slick runway hairstyles 2014 is of the high slick ponytails, the low slick rolled bun, the tight knotted updo.

Really something new and fresh, it is in fact a good way to beat the summer heat by having no issues of flyaways. They are popular because they work to the advantage of models by making prominent their facial features and makeup looks- which are the main focus of attention every time the catwalk begins.

    Latest Runway Hairstyle

CROWN BRAIDS – When talking about some of the top ranking runway hairstyles 2014, then braids can certainly not be missed on. They have been some of the most popular looks on the ramps which have been carried in the messy side braid, loose crown braided updo, side swept braid and half pinned up braids. The looks is indeed classy and appealing in the numerous shades of blonde which highlight the creative look all the more. Wavy styles are some of the popular hairstyles which have given women an edgy look replete with a romantic vintage touch. The top carried styles are the messy half pinned wavy medium and long styles, the heat waved, streaked wavy hairstyles, the side retro and the full long wavy hairstyles. The look of the waves gives the models a very fresh and modish look that goes with every getup they may take up.

New Runway Hairstyle

MESSY HAIRSTYLES – No other platform may have made use of this trend as much as  the runway. Having become a trademark of some of the hottest looks of the fashion models, the messy hairstyles in fact tend to offer a new version of the formal bun, updos and braids by casually tying them so that it gives a disheveled impression with hair loosely falling about here and there like flyways. Nevertheless, it blends in well with the requirement on the fashion platform and what offers appeal to the messy runway hairstyles 2014 is that they are very causally fused with hot looks of the braids and the twists and turns of updos hairstyles to dish out some very attractive styles.

Last but not the least; the modern street fashion models have opted for the razor jagged cuts like the asymmetrical, choppy, A line and undercuts styles to pair up with their groovy modern getups.



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