Short Hairstyles 2014 for Men


For men; hairstyles are some of the very significant aspects of their personality that can really make or break their image. Every man definitely wants to be at his best no matter what the age and  so its ripe time to get going and select one of the top new hairstyle 2014 from the hottest ones  that are in vogue for the upcoming fashion year.

Men’s short hairstyles 2014 are some of the really cool styles to look forward to as they offer a change of look in comparison to the current short hair trends by offering a relatively longer length evincing a deviation in the inclination of short hair trends from this year’s bold and cropped looks to slightly longer hair lengths.  The natural look and softer hair shades are the most striking changes that have rebelled against the bold and colorful hair trends of the passing fashion year.

              Short Hairstyle 2014

Short hairstyles 2014 for men have like the women’s hair trends, focused towards the natural and light look which is why the use of the normal hair texture comes in as a top look in hairstyling. The use of blonde and brown  hair colors are all the rage for some hot looks in the new short hairstyles 2014. For boys seeking the cool personality looks with short styles; here are the transitions to make and the tampering to go for. The buzz cuts have undergone modification with the complete shaved look no more being  the talk of the town.

In fact a slightly  side hair growth and A touch of style at the crown is one of the hottest trends in the men’s short hairstyles 2014 which tend to have numerous styles in the short length having a relatively longer length at the front to give diversity of style tampering options. Raised front crowns and slanting spikes are the new ways to carry the buzz cuts.  What more is fun about these short hairstyles 2014 for men is that retaining the shortness of length you can grow any length of the top front hair to any length you want and give yourself an advantage of simmering style illusions of other styles. So; forget the  cropped and patterned shaved cuts and let some style grow in.

Hairstyles 2014 for Men

The trend of  disheveled, edgy and jagged new hairstyles such as the undercuts have soared high in popularity with many men’s short hairstyles; offering some very catchy and fierce looks which are absolutely hassle free on account of the short length and also the jagged strands of hair. They make some of the top funky hairstyles for men and carry grace of appeal even without excessive touch of color effects. Wet and gelled short hairstyles 2014 for men are another group of some smart hairstyles which have done pretty well on the fashion ramps. In fact they are some of the best ways to give you a boost of maturity with a tinge of flirty and hot impressions.  The short retro hairstyles are some of the top styles in the wet look; which regardless of age suit and complement all. They are some of the best formal new hairstyles for men and boys and have an array of ways to style the top short hair lengths.

Short slanting new hairstyles 2014 for men can be the smartest me n’s short cuts which offer a sexy and flirty image. Perfect for boys, the simple short layered cuttings will suffice for that appeal you pursue. Last but not the least; the tousled and messy short hairstyles 2014 for men are some styling treats for men seeking hot and trendy styles to escort them. The short curly, messy spikes, messy layers etc are the perfect ways to give yourself fresh and diverse looks on daily basis.





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