Short Undercut Hairstyles 2014 for Boys


Today, like women, men also like to look great on different occasions. They take extra care of their dressing along with the overall appearance; especially regarding their hair. Even if they don’t bother about what they wear or wherever they go, they always pay special attention towards their hairstyle. Most boys like to flow with the latest trend of the funky hairstyles no matter how wild or bold it may be. There are countless choices in the short edgy and funky hairstyles 2014 when it comes to getting a haircut which is groovy and mod- like the latest undercut hairstyles 2014.

These days, short hairstyles 2014 are the fashion fads in hairstyling and for men they are no less appealing than of the modern cuts for women. The undercut hairstyles 2014 have diverse styles which are trending hot in the mainstream these days. Basically featuring a partial shaving of the head that actually allows people the better look of the creativity of the styles, you can carry any creative cut in the sleek and normal hair texture to simmer up the look you want.

Undercut Hairstyle 2014

They are the unisex haircuts where the top most section of the hair is held in place while the sections on the side and on the back are given a cut for making the top of the hair longer and the sides shorn. There are many celebrities that have got these groovy and funky hairstyle these days. Common boys like to follow everything that is latest when it comes to hairstyles. This is why there are countless boys seen getting the short undercut hairstyles 2014 these days.

Brush up Short Undercut Hairstyles 2014 for Boys

This is one of the most popular short undercut hairstyles 2014 for boys these days. Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik have been seen with the brush up hairstyles and this hairstyle has been copied by countless boys all over the world. The top medium length is left to sway about.

Men's Undercut Hairstyle

Emo hairdo:

There are several boys who get the undercut haircut just for the sake of giving an emo look to play around with color effects. For the emo lovers, this is one of the best hairstyle to rock up a rebellious image. Getting half of the head shaved is so much into fashion these days as it gives an amazing look adding some attitude in the personality of guys.

Centered long hair:

There are many people who like to keep their hair long no matter what. Among the short undercut hairstyles 2014 for boys, there has been one undercut long hairstyle very common that is followed by the long hair lovers. In this haircut, the center portion of the hair are not given any cut, they are kept long and the sides along with the back are shaved. This gives a very classy look to the boys and these funky hairstyles is also in trend these days.



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