Spring Dresses 2014 for Teenagers


Spring dresses 2014 are some of the must-have outfits for young girls in the upcoming season and stock of teen spring fashion dresses because they tend to not only cater to their youthful look but also provide them new styles and designs that make them look fresh and sporty in the scorching summer season.

The major feature of the new variety that is about to be the call of fashion is shortness in length accompanied by fitted waists which offer a great contrast to the trend of loose fashion dresses of the current passing year trends. So many new and bold additions have been added to make their look more impressive and modish.

2014 Spring Dresses

Girls love to have a chic and sporty look and the mini cutout halter neck frocks  in vibrant colors  fit in well with the blossoming effect of summer in the upcoming spring fashion trends for 2014.  Perfect for a flattering leggy figure; these fashion dresses and styles tend to cater well to the need of the active young girls. The little exposure from the side and backs tends to be the highlights of these outfits.

The bandage skirt dress is another very sexy short length  dress for the spring that has  cutout waists and neck styles to endorse a defined bust top and a short mini ruffled skirt. These cutout styles are in fact available in many concepts such as the full one sleeve waist cutout, geometric waist cuts, etc to mark and offer a new look on daily basis.  They have color as the dominant feature which has a lot of emphasis on the use of very vibrant shades of pink, orange, red, etc.

Latest Spring Dresses

Printed Spring Dresses

 Imprinted  frocks continue to be a special variety in the spring collection as they have become an evergreen look that really offers a flattering getup in the summer season in an effortless manner. However; designs in the Spring/ summer fashion d resses such as mini and short lengths, fitted waist in the rushed , A-line and waist adorned will be the most trendy and smart styles. Many varieties of the printed frocks also have contrasting  embroidered neck and cuff borders to add a bit of unique than that of the current plain fashion dresses in the teen fashion collection. Some other casual wear trends for spring dresses 2014 for girls include printed shorts with contrasting baggy sleeveless shirts and blouses. They give a very cool look which can be just perfect for hanging out with friends at the beach and on trips and vacations.

Some of the formal spring fashion dresses 2014 for teenagers have some impressive long dresses which on the mere basis of printed designs mark their acceptance as fit for even formal use. The sheathed net halter styles, sexy shirt evening gown with a net skirt, short corset frock dresses with fancy bust work, evening beaded party dresses, waterfall styles, thigh slit skirt outfits and many more are available in simple cotton fabrics as well as in fancy and shiny hot dresses that are perfect for formal use at proms and homecoming. They are definitely some of the smart styles to make your image rock with a modish impression.



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