Style Trends for Boys 2015 – Top Runway Picks


Style trends for boys have been the stunning displays on the runways and fashion shows offering a thrilling phase of style updates with an array of smart attires and trinkets that mark the dawn of the new flavors of the upcoming season 2015 . It’s the ultimate place to be and up date to for a style statement that speaks for itself.

In a rundown of some of the new delights that manifested their inkling on the ramps and seasonal fashion shows, the formal style trends for boys  were some of the eye-catching additions which simply could not be missed on.

style trends for boys

Pumping up the ardent passion for personality defining looks for young men, the designers had a lot to say and present.  Taking a bird’s eye view of what the most stylishly conspicuous style trends for boys were; the color trend could not be surpassed. Yes, there were some hues that instantly secured their standing amongst the wardrobe collection for the upcoming fall on account of their graceful impact in terms of formal compatibility.

Offering a good variation from all the extra flaring and printed attires, the latest formal style trends for boys had some decent shades like white, brown and tropical shades like orange being the colors that emphatically sparked off fantastic combinations with dress pants.

WHITE WASH LOOK – Going all white was one of the most appreciated and blooming style trends for boys   for the new 2015 summer package.  A simple white English collar dress shirt with medium-wide trouser and pants adorned with a matching pair of white formal shoes and a fancy belt simple rocked up the look of young models on the incline. It was one of the effortless ways to go strikingly prominent in gatherings with nothing but the impact of color gracing up the look and environment.


No matter what the genre, leather fashion is one of the legendary looks when it comes to the top style looks. In the package of upcoming formal style trends for boys,   leather pants in shiny and distressed textures served as an icing sugar with the formal metallic shirt styles and will be all the rage in the top trends.


METALLIC SPLASH –Metallic texture is one of the hit trends which is definitely here to stay for a long term basis. It’s one of the sassy style trends for boys which tends to have been judiciously incorporated in patterned and splash style of the formal shirts and jackets of men.  Providing a chirpy novelty to the men’s dressing in a mish mash style, the metallic textured impression looked fabulous on sheer net shirts, jackets etc and are some of the ideal choices to pin down for weddings, parties and prom nights.

COLORED COATS – The influence of color has been adeptly paired up in the boys formal suit wear with vibrant contrasting colored coats being some of the dazzling and bold style trends for boys.

FANCY BELTS – Accessorizing has become an inevitable part and parcel of the men’s fashion too and in the list of the top style trends for boys for 2015, fancy belts tend to be some of the smartest trinkets that spice up the formal dressing of boys. Ranging from the simple suede and leather belts to metallic lined and studded, wearing it up loose and tilted angle gives it a superb position to shine out with greater conspicuity.


It’s not only the attires you must focus on for the most voguish look but also the shoes which being the final touching in your appearance carry great weight age when analyzing  your personality. The trend of pointy formal shoes is a must-to-go-for style trends for boys as it simply pairs up well with the formal wear of boys, so make sure you own these smart styles this season.

Being an amazing package of smart and decent style trends for boys, they are personality defining factors if paired up in flattering combinations. So pin down what you’re going to own this season from this mind boggling collection of style trends for boys.


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