Summer Fashion Trends 2014 for Women


The new fashion year is about to make its influence on the trends of fashion and that is why all eyes are dead set on the fashion shows and ramps to know beforehand and get a handful of the best styles that are going to welcome the change of the incoming style and fashion trends 2014.

The most looked forward trends are that of summer and with the stocks that are in store- the curiosity is worth it. Colors have shades such as red, gray, orange, black, white, blue and beige as the flavors of the shades to add to your wardrobe as they will be the trend carriers in the coming year. so it is always better to start before hand and get those sundresses and short outfits in line with what will run in vogue.

Summer Fashion Trend

Summer Clothes

Fashion trends 2014 have many trends that are quite similar to the current ones; yet a slight change of inclination towards selected shades and the fusion along with new styles and designs in hairstyles, clothes and accessories are what mark its new and refined look. Prints and colors are not only the fashion favorites of this year but also of the spring fashion trends 2014 with so many new designs fused in the summer variety for men and women.

Animal prints tend to rule the top rankings not only in clothes but also shoes, accessories and jewelry with the leopard and zebra prints being some of the most available variety in the actual shades. Short suits for women in the printed variety of stripes, dots, patterns and flowers are some of the highlights that will be seen on the semi formal and formal outfits. Trouser & blouses, jumpsuits with halter neck styles, short printed and plain sleeveless suits, broad collar short dresses, semi nude  outfits, checked pants and skirts and many more are the changing favorites styles.

Hairstyles for summer have some of the very casual and effortless styles that will be trending on in the next fashion year. The hottest styles have the side hairstyles in the loose and messy looks as the dominant traits that have extensive ways of styling of both the formal and semi formal hairstyles. Pinning them sideways will suffice the criteria of being trendy.

The wet look in the wavy hair texture is another very hot trend that is seen coming. Having the top front hair in the wet look with the rest of the hair pulled and left loose at the back is the smartest looks as seen on the ramps. Tight slick ponytails  either low or up high with center or side parting  is one of the styles that carries a lot of grace even with formal getups. Making use of light blonde shades has been a favorite trend. Undercut, short and modern styles continue to rank at the top for those who wish to stay ultra modern and glamorous.


Fashion trends 2014 in shoes are some of the very graceful fashion items to have as they have a lot of colored variety in the flat soled and printed shoe designs for a casual and smart look in the hot weather. The yellow and brown leopard prints, plain white, are the trendy styles which offer a chic semi formal look that can be carried to trips to the beach. The spring and summer sandal styles are a delight to see and a treat to wear on account of the multi colored and vibrant styles that have unique artistic touches of adornment to make then flaunt a blossoming summer look. For formal getups the trend of the high pencil heel boots is back again with a bang to give you a cool and seductively elegant image with short length outfits. Ankle straps, buckle styles,  black colored designs are the hottest  styles that will work with whatever you wear.


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