Top Makeup blunders – Things to Avoid


Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder ‘ is an acknowledged fact but thinking it to be a good reason for the Makeup blunders  you do is pretty lame. Indeed makeup has come into being to enhance the natural appeal of the face by adding colorful charms to not only make you look beautiful but also to hide certain facial menaces.

It’s a common sight out in public to see beautiful ladies looking like a laughing stock or at times silly because of the matches they make either out of ignorance, improper makeup techniques or in an attempt to be unique –unique indeed but in a paradoxical way. Here are some of the makeup blunders to avoid if you really want makeup to work on you and to save the hefty cosmetic spending from going to waste.

Makeup Blunders


Low quality stuff buying is a problem with majority of women. When its good looks you want then spending a bit extra pounds should not hurt. Makeup blunders is not only about  the art of applying  makeup but  also about the quality of stuff you go for because they tend to be the base for whatever you apply on the face. Wrong cosmetic products of inferior quality chosen miserly tend to tarnish the grip of the base and can easily wipe off leaving you with absolutely nothing to charm you up.  Judicious and proper selection of branded cosmetic products is the punch line to know you have a reason to be contented.

Heavy smudging of lipsticks is another one of the top makeup blunders which women make in order to either pull off a really hot look or make the lipstick work for longer hours. It simply gives a horrid gothic look which is fierce and not necessarily appealing. Dark shades in the daylight offer even more vampy and undesirable effects because the dark shade is too much prominent in the light. Dark shades do look nice such as deep raspberry, red orange etc but excessive and heavy application should be avoided.

Extra touch of gloss is another look which simply goes wrong when its applied on the lips and eyes at the same time. No doubt it gives a glammed up and sexy look of shine but over-doing the gloss effect on the eyes and lips at the same time is the greatest makeup blunders you could make which will win you the attention of looking ridiculous. Resort to the use of the gloss on any one feature at a time.

Improper color blending is also one of the most common makeup look that comes to sight. Women often in a rush or simply to do makeup for the sake of adding something, tend to leave the proper blending of the shades. The result is makeup crumbs, prominent cracks, and separate shades that just don’t make it flatter you up rather evince your imperfection. Making use of brushes and mixing up shades is a good way to blend it all in to make it look  all the  more natural and really worth seeing.

Going for wrong foundation colors is one of the most criticized makeup blunders by beauticians who simply laugh off the fact that women in order to look fair go for lighter shades of foundation without taking Into consideration their natural dark complexion.  Using extra light shades for a glowing effect simply gives a ghostly look which offers a glaring contrast to your neck, hands and feet. Unless you are financially sound to apply foundation every time all over the body.

So, next time you’re up in front of the mirror and getting ready, ensure that you avoid these mistakes so that you have  better beauty looks that conceal your facial flaws and not add to it.




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