Top Summer 2016 Jewelry Trends in Vogue


With 2016 Jewelry trends, it’s time to talk bold and loud with fashion trinkets drenched in the ingenuity of creative ideas.

 With every piece of trinket admired, a lot went viral on the summer ramps where designer branded 2016 Jewelry trends overwhelmed the onlookers with their fantastic charm and blaze of craftiness. So what’s the fashion deal for women as far as accessories trends are concerned? Get posted on the latest incomes of style statements.

Over sized Pearl Wrap Ups

Giving the normal  trend of pearl jewelry a new way of expression,  oversized large pearl necklaces twined and cuddled up in layers around the neck talks trend. It’s a very audacious way to jewel up  which despite the exaggerated look seems interesting.

Womens Hottest 2016 Jewelry Trends

Rope Themed Necklaces

Highlighting neck-wear with a sassy and dramatic look, rope themed necklaces with fancy crystal brooches keep alive a royal and luxury  look compatible with our oversized 2016 Jewelry trends. Layered chains, metal rims and earrings find an explicit medium of  inspired expression in sizes that range from slim designs to  broader ones.

Rope Styled 2016 Jewelry Trends

Red Indian Tribal Designs

One of the personal favorites from the latest 2016 Jewelry trends is the Red Indian tribal jewelry hot from the Ralph Lauren Collection. Reflecting a raw cultural look with ivory earrings in feather styled Fashion jewelry and dramatic beaded  trinkets, bangles , rings and chains; there is simple a lot to get hold of. Tribal beads, stone jewelry etc are the major things to watch out for.

Tribal 2016 Jewelry Trends

Fashion Arm Cuffs

From the quilted fabric cuffs to metallic and net styled cuff straps and bracelets, the drift of arm adoration speaks trend. Awe-inspiring   broad straps of creative arm pads and cuffs for the wrist and midi length are simply going viral in fame.

Bracelet 2016 Jewelry Trends

Fashion Brooches

Fancy Brooches both in short and medium designs for women are a bunch of hot calls to pin up on your coats and shirts in the upcoming season. With crafty ideas and dazzling embellishment of gems and stones, you pretty much get the best of the deal that’s on offer right now.

Brooch 2016 Jewelry Trends

Thespian Crystals

Cut-out gems and crystals will be a sight seen attached to most of the trending 2016 Jewelry trends for women showcased on the inclines.  So whether it’s a ring or any other adornment you go for, make sure it has the dash of the sparkler charm.

Crystal 2016 Jewelry Trends

Structured / Geometric Armlets

Louis Vuitton collection has some mind blowing elite styled fragile armlets in shiny metallic textures  structured in geometric designs that make them delicate and hip for girls on the fashion move. It’s one of the hottest 2016 Jewelry trends for girls and mid aged ladies who like to keep it trendy and hip.

Floral Necklaces

After a massive success in print fashion clothing, Flowers continue to dominate the contemporary list of style trends by making a strong impression in the new compilation of necklaces.

Floral 2016 Jewelry Trends

Ear Embracing Styles

Worn from top to bottom, ear embracing average length fashion accessories give a twist of style of how to wear your fashion earrings this season. See what lures your fashion buds!

White Sea Pearls

The eternal shade of sophistication rules the hearts and list of trends once again. Pearl white is one of the most endorsed 2016 Jewelry trends for women with medium –long earrings framed in slim metallic casing that go best for party and formal wear.

White Pearl 2016 Jewelry Trends

Broad Net Chains

 A very delicate way to adorn the neck region is with the broad net cut chains. White gold hues tend to zing up a classy dash of formality which is best exhibited with a  high up bun hairstyle.

New Jewelry Trends 2016 Waist Adorning Chains

It’s time to zing up your waists ladies!

A great way to get your slim waist focused on is have one of the most appealing 2016 Jewelry Trends dangle on your attire. Yes, the waist adorning chains in artistic layering styles  give you something cool to parade away about your taste of contemporary fashion.

2016 Jewelry Trends Fashion

Egyptian Tassle Bracelets

 Be the cowboy girl this season with down and front hanging tassle chained bracelet. Bracelets seem to be the heart and soul of the 2016 Jewelry Trends whereby we have a myriad of styles up for grabs.

The Egyptian fashion themed look seems so glamorous and enchanting, that it’s a must-to-own for young girls who want to party out in style.

Face Body Jewelry

 One of the not-so-attractive 2016 Jewelry trends seen pulled off  interestingly was the showdown of numerous face piercing body jewelry that had a lot in store for the cheeks, nose and chin- at the same time… Simply rebellious and eccentric, yet it’s been paired up with the wet hairstyles carrying front swayed sticky forehead bangs.

Face 2016 Jewelry Trends

Multi Ringed Earrings 

Go bold and visible with looks that ring-up the ear length with an extended volume of multi rings. Metallic shades as well as printed editions. For those who are not contended with the slim single style, this offer is just for you!

Neck Rims

 Plain and medium-thick metal rings have let loose a trend that perks up a fabulous free style boho and street fashion look. It’s a very hip way to run along with trend these days.

Womens 2016 Jewelry Trends

 With so much more, 2016 Jewelry trends have a vast  list of women’s jewelry  to lock up in your fashion kits.

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