Upcoming Short Black Hairstyles 2014


Short black hairstyles 2014 are the most complementing styles in the black color which play up the looks of black women in the most flattering manner. The innate length of hair for black people is often medium; yet they can simmer up some sexy and flirty looks with some groovy black hairstyles just perfect for the playful and cool outlooks as well as offers some stunning styles apposite for formal needs.

Hairstyles basically remain the same it is just the introduction of trend that brings about the spice of change and appeal in its outlook.  The upcoming fashion fads in hairstyling of short hair trends have a strong inclination towards uneven and creative looks. Though many hairstyles have been running in popularity since decades yet one factor can turn the tables in the most stunning way.

New Short Hairstyle 2014

For black women, One such worth mentioning short hair trends is that of color – in the particular article the discussion is the black color which has rendered the short black hairstyles 2014 such an amazingly fierce look that they rank as some of the top glamorous hairstyles which has given black women so much confidence of appeal and personality. Some of the very hot short black hairstyles  2014 have been handpicked and summarized below.

  • The undercut styles  are some of the very smart and trendy looks of the upcoming fashion trends in Short black hairstyles 2014 which are truly the carriers of the new inclination in short hair trends. The uneven lengths such as the choppy etc offer an imbalanced impression that can be styled in numerous ways.
  • the wedge cut as one of the reigning styles that has offered women flattering looks and its popularity makes it one of the top short black styles in the upcoming fashion 2014 trends. The sleek black wedge is one of the best example to cite as the  most sensational style with a strong fashion example  of Rihanna  hairstyles before us. The nocturnal grace renders this short hairstyle a striking appeal which also pairs up well if you add a deep rose streaked color effect.

Short Black Hairstyle

  • The short wedge cut is another style that offers a very graceful look to black women with a padded  look from the back. Streaking or making use of hair accessories for a pinned up or head band style renders it  a cute outlook. Short edgy cut is one of the most popular short hair trends in the short black hairstyles 2014 because of the inclination towards  striking cuts and edgy looks made more prominent through textured effects of hair color.
  • Black pixie definitely has a strong ranking and popularity as it is one of the best black hairstyles that has served black women with a base to look unique and ultra modern. Never to run out of demand this style is perfect for young and old alike and continues to be a strong contender in the menu if popular styles for black women.
  • Short funky black hairstyles  2014 too have a lot of grace when it comes to the short black hairstyles for black women. The messy, spiky and tousled looks are some of the very trending ways to have the latest impressions of the funky styles in the Short black hairstyles 2014. The more creativity you add to it with uneven lengths of hair and edgy looks- the better the impression.
  • Short tapered front extension styles are some of the very rock star styles in the new short hair trends for the perfect modern diva look that gives the young generation a very fierce and modern impression which can also be made thrilling with the use of many dying effects. Adding bangs and fringes to all the above mentioned hairstyles offers ways to carry new and diverse looks on daily basis.









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