Top Medium Hairstyles 2014 for Men


When you have a bit of length, then playing around with different hairstyles becomes all the more enjoyable. For men in pursuit of cool looks this year, the medium hairstyles 2014 are definitely some of the trendy styles to go try for as having a lot textured and unique cutting trends that make the medium haircuts rousing channels of appeal. There is an ocean of new and fresh scope of pinning down a look that is just perfect for each and every man out there.

Shaggy Medium  hairstyles 2014 for Men

This year the trend of disheveled and messy looks   for a flirty and chic impression are all the rage and the latest medium hairstyles 2014 like the shaggy hairstyles 2014 tend to be the coolest style in vogue for men of all ages.  With the shaggy cuts men cannot only carry that messy casual look but also have the sleek looks for a well groomed impression. The addition of full fringes and unique bangs is one of the greatest ways to pull up any type of hot look you want in the shaggy styles. These medium hairstyles for men can be flattered up with the addition of bangs and fringes to make them cooler and smarter in presentation.

Medium Hairstyle 2014

Retro styles 2014

Medium hairstyles  2014 for men like the retro styles are definitely some of the most popular looks seen on the spring fashion shows for 2014, which present the modern version of nostalgic hair fashion trends. The classy top medium retro twists, raised front crown in the wavy textures gave some of the striking styles that gave men something to add to their style with confidence.

Men's Medium Hairstyle 2014

Undercut 2014

Flaunt the length and creativity of your medium hair length with the stunning new undercut medium hairstyles for men which in the sleek top layered, wavy, curly looks offer men a daring look accompanied by a under cropped look. These styles are ideal for men with thick hair.

Medium layers

The layers are the most versatile medium hairstyles for men which can be fused up with every hot trend in  hair fashion to give some classy  looks which can be just perfect for any type of event of need that might spring up. The sleek layers, curly layers, razor and choppy layers are some of the most popular looks in the medium hairstyles 2014 for men which are evident from a look out in the public. Playing around with textured effects of colors, these styles can be given fabulously striking looks that breathe in vigor and freshness with the sharp edgy cuts or even color effects

Medium streaked styles

Some of the best hairstyles for summer, the streaked styles in the rich shades of brown and blonde are the top scoring medium hairstyles  2014 for men. Be it any type of cutting your can simply and effortlessly jazz up your look with the catchy touch of inspiring colors.


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