Wet Hairstyles 2014


The new package of hair trends 2014 has definitely been an amazing addition to modern day hairstyling for men and women as there have been just so many innovative concepts that simply rock up stunning looks. The Wet hairstyles 2014 are some of the hottest runway hairstyles which you may have seen in every session of the catwalk- and why not, the appeal and uniqueness is definitely there. This is one of the very hot groups of styles that make use of hair gels to flaunt a shiny and sexy look of the style even in the simple haircuts.

Though the Wet hairstyles 2014 have the similarity of the wet look yet there are many ways to carry this image with variation in the intensity of the tightness of hair and hair length given the wet touch.

Wet Hairstyle

Slick Ponytail Wet hairstyles 2014 have been the focus of attention for quite some time now. For teenagers and young adults they are some of the top summer hairstyles which are very neat and glamorous and tend to enhance the grace of the facial features. Whether you carry the tight slick ponytail high up or low, it simply is superb and hassle free. Since simplicity is no more the talk of the town you can always give your ponytail a bit of edgy looks by giving it the knotted impression.

The loose wavy pompadour ponytail is a popular celebrity style that has been common at celebrity events and are some of the ideal long wet hairstyles 2014 for women with long hair. Hair color trends like the streaked hairstyles, double shading, dip dying and block coloring tend to render these Wet hairstyles 2014  a very dark and groovy touch  and makes their appeal even more. So, if you want to try out any one of the Wet hairstyles 2014, be sure to fuse it up with rich color to make it all the more impressive. The darker the shade of the hair, the fiercer the impression.

Wet Hairstyle 2014

The trend of the loose and wavy hairstyles find a classy look in the Wet hairstyles 2014. The most popular looks in this type of styles include the medium and long hairstyles which tend to be very  catchy with their half wet  and half dry look. It’s not only the runway where these styles are all the hype but also its one of the popular modern look of the celebrity hairstyles.

Some of the richest versions of the Wet hairstyles 2014 also  have the short styles which in the  brush up, undercut, short retro, bobs are the trending modern haircuts that have a gorgeous look in the gelled styles. For men too, the medium and long Wet hairstyles 2014 are some of the coolest hairstyles which give them a mature and hot look for all seasons.



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