Short Hairstyles 2014 – The Sexy Blondes


Who doesn’t want to look hot and seductive when it comes to style and fashion? For women this thrilling factor is indeed a great beauty ordeal which is why they instantly rush to every new trend in hairstyling that comes by.  The color effect is one of the best tools of hairstyling which can offer you that charming sex appeal in an effortless manner with the blonde Short hairstyles 2014 topping the charts.

The light freshness of the blonde hues  offer  a complementing effect to the complexion and highlights the creativity of whatever style you opt for. Ranging from the light white blonde to the hot golden blonde, you can fuse the touch of seductiveness as much as you like in your Short hairstyles 2014.

Short Hairstyles 2014

The hottest looks in  the contemporary world of hairstyling  is indeed the shortness of length and what makes them more catchy and perky are the  cutting techniques used the Short hairstyles 2014. They have provided women and young teenagers with  a wide range of options of modern hairstyles which simple on mere pretext of color and sharpness of cuts enhance that sex appeal all the more and cater to their hot and passionate needs. So, if you’re seeking hairstyles that have an edge over others and can offer you hot looks for all hours- no matter what the occasion, then the Short hairstyles 2014 in blonde color are the absolute stunners  for the young adults and teenagers.

Short Hairstyles

Disheveled & tousled Short hairstyles 2014 are some of the classic sexy blonde hairstyles which offer a certain tinge of flirtiness with their tangled impression. Carrying them in the side swept manner or simply giving them flip over touches;  emphasizes on the  hotness of the styles. So, be it your short wedge, the classic sleek bob or the Angular styles, play around in a groovy manner and simmer up that  modern funky look. Irregular jagged Short hairstyles 2014 have been the stunners when it comes to giving women a touch of hot looks.

The sleek texture tends to highlight the factor of ferocity of the even strands sharp hair strands and you can further boost the grace of this hot style by fusing in the double tones of blonde color with the darker shade used at the base and lighter hues  from the mid length till the tips. It gives an apparent depth and thickness to the hair and is one of the perfect sexy blonde hairstyles 2014 that cater to all official, semi formal and formal needs.

Short Blonde Hairstyle

The angular    Short hairstyles 2014 can certainly not go unmentioned when we talk about styles that offer women a flirty and modern look of seductiveness. Be it the tapered front extension,  A line, Inverted or  asymmetrical  cut, give them the layered sleek effect and bring them over on to the face  with flips, tossing and  stacked impressions and see the charm they simmer up for your flattering look. Last but not the least; Short hairstyles 2014 carrying a touch of wavy effects and slight curls at the tips only can too be some of the modern trends in the Short hairstyles 2014 that render the desired effects of  sex appeal. So, go for the style that best suits your personality and add the blonde effect  to be a sexy dame on the move.





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