The Art of Good Communication Skills


The concept of art is not confined to just artistic drawings and abstract presentation of things; rather the adept ability to make anything be appealing and inspiring on grounds of its uniqueness and relativity to the cause. For humans, the channel of  good communication  skills is one such aspect that needs incessant honing  due to its perpetual need in the circle of everyday life. It’s one of the dominant personality features of successful people.

The art of  good communication skills is the most inspiring expertise of a person that instantly marks an impression and gives him/her an edge over others. Be it your personal, social or professional sphere of life, a strong and articulate command over language speaks a great deal about not only what you say but also your standing with respect to success , caliber and  your standing as a  strong personality.

Good Communication Skills

Types of conversations & Communication Skills

Everyone is indulged in conversations on daily basis with a variance in the level of formality depending upon the type o conversation underway  such as intellectual, business, public, humorous, informative etc. depending upon the what the situation and requirement; the tone, diction and level of seriousness is different. Good communication skills are however; not everyone’s game as it is more spontaneous than formal.  Some people need training and incessant practice to have command over language; whereas some are blessed with the gift of the gab. The art of good communication skills is governed by rules of standards of people with confident and strong personality traits; which are the pre-requisite to fully communicate and achieve what you intend on conveying.

Following are the most essential characteristics which together rule out what we call good communication skills in a successfully strong personality.

  • Clarity in expression is the edifice effective communication skills and demands a focused and complete know-how of what your want to state without excessive elaboration which is not needed. Ambiguous and vague expressions should be avaoided.
  • Fluency is the second most imperative pre-requisite of successful and strong personality people who tend to have a strong grip over the language with regard to glibness. A well co-ordinate flow of words tends to create a good impact on the listener and is a great way to earn attention and be heard. However; this does not imply continuous talking. Ensure a steady and paused conversation wherever necessary.
  • Preciseness and straight forwardness is the punch line of good communication skills because though everyone can talk about almost anything and as long as possible; good speech power should target at a clear relation of well framed sentences which without taking hours is presented concisely. This is a great requirement in the professional arena.
  •  Relevancy is essential in developing and extending a conversation; especially in the professional line of life.; yet what matters is your selection of words and how you pin  down the ones that help in a clear conveyance of what you intend to relate without derailing and adding in things that are of no significance. This feature of a strong personality to a great extent  hones out an articulate and well controlled proficiency that remains relevant and precise
  • Good diction is the most striking aspect  about effective and good communication skills which instantly earns you attention and admiration. A sound vocabulary and right selection o words co-ordinate together mark a sensational appeal
  • Humble yet serious tone  is vital to make your conversation hold weight. A non-serious and over frank attitude in tone makes others lose interest and does not appeal in any way.
  • Fair chance of expression-Maintenance of give and take in conversation is one of the essential techniques of  good communication skills you need to ensure because dominating and manipulative conversations usually tend to rid the other of the interest to interact and mark  an obstinate impression of you. So take it easy and give others equal chance of participation and expression.
  • Being yourself is what marks your identity a strong personality  and helps you to confront challenges in the best of manner without pretention of being like someone else by emulating their style of talking, tone and attitude.
  • Interesting and well framed sentence to keep alive the interest of the person you’re addressing. Remaining focused on the theme of your discussion adding a bit of graceful humor which may give your speech a creative touch.


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