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Just how conscious are you about your looks?  In the current fashion conscious society, there is no denying the fact that all of us want to look our best; be it for that special ‘someone’ in our life, or just to keep pace with the glamour world. In order to do that, a makeover in personality development  is absolutely essential to create a new and charming ‘you’ as personality development is not all about behavior and attitudes but also a great deal about your presentation out of which your style appeal is an essential part.

  To bring this complete transformation of personality development into effect, the first thing you should do is update yourself with the latest fashion and beauty trends and decide the type of look you want. Remember that it’s not only about pepping up your attire, but also about having the ‘attitude’ to carry it in the best way possible in making your personality appealing to those around you.



Below are some fashion  makeover tips that should be helpful to  take you in the right direction for a  good transition in your personality development in terms of fashion.

Target the most conspicuous change

In a makeover attempt; foremost, focus on targeting things that are instantly noticed in your ‘personality development ‘ through effective fashion and makeover tips with the slightest change you make.  The punch line for that instant change in you is definitely through your hairstyle. So, Change your hairstyle and feel free to  experiment with your hair and try new stuff. Choose a cut that compliments your facial features; preferably one with rich sleek textured looks. You might also want to go for a change of color to accentuate the new hairstyle even more. The latest edgy cuts and streaked hairstyles are some of the best styles to revert to if you have a simple one color style.

Update the wardrobe

Update your wardrobe and  Say goodbye to all the old stuff that you have treasured so much till now and freshen up your wardrobe with the latest and modern short dresses that are sure to grab you some attention no matter where you are -This is an evergreen rule of fashion  and makeover tips when it comes to personality development through style. Get hold of pairs of fashion boots that complement every type of outfit which you might want to wear. Wearing high heels indeed boost your look by bringing in a touch of confidence and elegance of stance and body posture to your overall look.

Shun aside flat shoes

Avoid flat soles as they work just the opposite with the latest trend that is inclined towards a slender and tall look. Limited accessorizing with the hottest jewelry trends 2014 for women and other fashion items is the call of the hour. Refrain from overdoing it as that will make you seem like a stall on display-leave that to the shops and market and  totally work the opposite of  impressive personality development endeavors.

A slender look

Makeover tips for the personality development regarding the physical change in you demand a  trimmed look and a slim figure which  is always an eye catcher. But this, however, does not necessarily mean you have to shed the extra pounds. You can achieve a slender look with the help of some undergarments you can wear for the hips, bust and waist. Select the sizes that fit you perfectly, flaunting your curves, and at the same time, shaping up the trouble areas.

Flaunt your assets

Another fantastic trick of all style and fashion tips which matter is to Flaunt your assets as much as possible. as you definitely know what your best physical assets are, like your eyes, curves, lips etc. Show them off with dresses and makeup tricks that complement your age, weight and height.

Stay simple yet trendy

Go for a more natural look and  take it easy with the makeup and make sure you don’t dab on too much. This is one of the most effective makeover tips that allows you to change your last year’s bold look to the current trend of an organic look. Use just the right amount to give you a natural and attractive look. You can make use of lip gloss for a more catchy look. All the heavy makeup with hot shades can be used for proms.

Get your hands manicured

Get a manicure and pedicure as you simply cannot ignore your hands and feet. Get into the habit of  such personality development beauty ordeals by getting such regular beauty treatments done at least once a week. This will be helpful in not only maintaining the beauty of your hands and feet, but will add to your gorgeous look in short dresses with trendy sandals. Follow a healthy skin care routine to keep your skin looking fresh and young with daily cleansing and moisturizing and eat foods that are good for the skin, and don’t forget to drink lots of water.


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