Different Aspects of Personality Development


Personality development is no new term and  the paramount question is as to what exactly personality is and how can we build or rebuild . It is sheer a misconception if we mean personality in mere pretext of just looking good. In fact, Personality is a very broad term and takes into account the physical, practical as well as the mental state of an individual; the various aspects of which together pin down a strong personality of habits and attitudes.

No matter where you go; be it an interview or your daily working place, your overall character traits play a  very crucial role in determining your success through personality growth. This is the reason why so many people focus on personality development.

Personality Development

We should be honest in acknowledging that none of us are flawless and the attitude that we should adopt  in personality growth is to explore the vistas pertaining to  what we can try to manipulate ourselves and to hone out a better version of our individuality which is more refined with respect to character traits.


Personality is foremost;  to know ourselves And to root out the factors that negate our abilities towards development and to figure out what needs to be done to modify our existing personality. Knowing ourselves does not imply knowing our favorite color, food etc. It is about knowing our limitations, fears and plus points. We must be aware of our abilities so that we can use them when the time comes and in the manner needed to build self confidence and shun away shyness – which is an essential factor in personality growth. Tampering with queries like are we short tempered? do we panic easily ?or is that we can’t speak up in a group are factors that can boost self awareness.


We need to root out the weaknesses of character and then accordingly work on it. No one is perfect; so, do not be intimidated by the fact that just because there is someone around who is great in some way does not rule out that we are not good or that he is better than us. The punch line  is basically to have a positive attitude and explore the inspiring traits of things and people around us to induct the same capability in us rather than contemplating and grudging over what others have and you don’t. Don’t let the tough times and competent individuals beat you down; rather we should promote a positive attitude in life which increases the chances of completing a task at hand.


Behavior like Positive mannerisms and strong character traits in professional spheres of life are also an imperative aspect of personality development  and personality growth and pertain to our dealing and socializing with others.  Personality as stated above is not just about how we look; it is how we present ourselves and how we impress others with our unique and striking qualities. An expressionless and monotonous tone will reflect a  bad image on those around us so we need to have an attitude that is pleasing so that we are welcomed wherever we go and posing to be courteous and humble would not harm us rather benefit us ultimately.


Your Body language  in Personality development  and personality growth through your actions and character traits is a crucial factor which is the instant thing people notice. It is a complete analysis of how we walk, sit, eat, how we behave when others are talking etc  as they together make a huge impact on others. The key moves are to Walk upright, don’t droop or be extra rigid. When others in a group are talking have a relaxed tone. Do not get involved with the surroundings but pay attention to the speaker.  Adopt a decent and simple manner of speaking which is fluent and comprehensible by others. A great personality knows how to impress and make an impact. In the professional world where we work or stay in a group as to be accepted by others is very important.


All the pain of positive character trait building and personality growth  is to be accepted so that we can move on and work in a better way. It is important in personality development to develop a habit of appreciating our mates no matter how small the work is. In professionalism personality development demands smartness of dressing sense which means that we should look professional or according to the environment of working place. . Avoid unnecessary piercing on the body, tattoos, Wear neatly ironed and unstained clothes. There is a great logic in the Shakespeare quote that ‘apparel proclaims man.’



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