Color Blocking Hairstyles 2014


 When it’s about your beauty and its presentation in the latest fashion trends, then no other factor can offer more rousing appeal than color. Since Simplicity is no more the talk of the town; especially regarding the perky hairstyles 2014. Color enrichment through hair coloring techniques like color blocking have become one of the hottest hair fashion fads in the contemporary time that has endowed the richness of texture and the shine of glamour and totally revolutionized the outlook of modern hairstyles 2014 out of which color blocking is one of the hottest hair trends in hair fashion these days.

It is one of the best looks you can possibly carry this summer season; replete with a blossoming effect of hair coloring effects like streaks that are hot in vogue.

Color Block Hairstyle

It basically involves paneling hair coloring effects on the lower lengths of the hair and offers a dramatic appeal that carries more impact of color than normal streaking and dip dying. There are numerous ways to apply the color blocking effect- with each new technique rendering diversity to all hairstyles and is a good alternate to the popular look of streaks. The fashion trends of the use of rich and good shades tend to make them classy and modish. For youngsters who love to be expressive and groovy with the sub-cultural styles like the emo, Gothic and hip hop fashion; these are some of the most apposite hairstyles which run parallel to the modern day demand of fresh and unique looks.

This hair coloring trend is also one of the most common fashion fads of the celebrities hairstyles which has offered the most glamorous results in the wavy  hairstyles in medium and long lengths with thrilling shades that have been a good guide to some very outclass and sophisticated hairstyles using double shades of blonde.

Since color blocking in hairstyles makes use of a great dose of color; the latest hairstyles 2014 such as the medium asymmetrical cuts, short bobs, hairstyles with bangs and fringes, choppy cuts and sleek hairstyles offer the most fierce and catchy looks which are simply the best carriers of the hair coloring fashion trends such as the color block and streaks. Be it your normal hair texture or the sleek one, the trend really helps offer a flattered image which is adaptable too any type of look you might want to simmer up for causal as well as formal events. For men, the trend of color blocking is equally revolutionizing when it come to being funky and classy.

Tampering with shades and combination is the best way to treat yourself with  what’s it’s all about this fashion season. So, if you’re in pursuit of styles that can  make a difference to your looks, then these color blocking trends are  some of the dynamic trends which can be the tinge of spice worth envy.





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