Self-Practicing Measures for Stress Management


Stress wreaks emotional havoc and puts your health and happiness at the brink of risk and directly or indirectly affects productivity and your ability to do things. But why let this  natural phenomenon  cripple you down when you can  escape its dire wrath through some cost-free  self-practicing measures  for stress management.

A sound health is indeed the edifice of motivation that encourages and allows us to actively carry out daily activities and hone our abilities, but the  ever churning cycle of daily routines and situations unwantedly pitch in stress and anxiety in one form or the other .From minor household matters to job demands, payment of bills, getting late, shouldering responsibilities,  relationship tensions etc, everything simply adds to the bubble of emotional pressure which in dire cases negates active participation, optimistic response, and intrinsic motivation . There is simply no stopping of the  influx of these health tarnishing emotions.


Let’s get one thing straight , there is absolutely no permanent solution for ending stress because foremost it’s a natural reaction of your body against what it feels, and secondly, your work and experiences will never stop. In fact with every ticking hour, the level of responsibilities and demands  are simply mounting and add a piece to the puzzle of hormonal and emotional upsurge that lead to stress.

However, what we can do is incorporate certain habits  and techniques that abate the affects of this apparently  short-spelled health-destroying monster. Master yourself in the art of stress management techniques to escape the  debilitating effects of constant worry and attain an inner equilibrium that allows you to confront the daily odds with  a more  composed and fortified approach.

# 1 . Meditation

This is perhaps one of the most potent stress management tricks that will work instantly through encouraged relaxation of the mind to  allow you to keep control of yourself and your emotions.  Persistent practice of meditation:

Stress Management Through Meditation
  1. Improves mental capacity to cope and reduces stress concentration, hence diverting your focus.
  2. Reduces heart beat and blood pressure which alleviate necessary pressure on your nerves and veins.
  3. Facilitates self-control.
  4. Boosts the production  of serotonin and dopamine, which are neuro-transmitters known for controlling moods. Less quantity of serotonin leads to depression.
  5. Suppresses the production of the stress-producing hormone ‘Cortisol” responsible for promoting anxiety and stress in the body.

# 2. Stress management through Self-Help

The sincerest form of help you can get in any situation is honestly from yourself. Foremost, to curb stress you need to saddle into power and take control. Mustering up the willingness to do something is in fact the first step towards  accomplishment. Having said that , it doesn’t mean that stress will go away or never bother you again, but it will definitely  put the control buttons in your hand that will facilitate you in dealing with pressurized and stressful circumstances and regain control – directly assisting you in evading the  perilous side effects of constant anxiety.

# 3. Change of Perspective & Optimism

Indeed any stressful situation can de-motivate and discourage us to the extent that we don’t even want to make an effort to improve things. However, changing your perspective  and looking at things with an approach of positivity definitely helps lessen the intensity of stress you take on. Though easier said than done, but this really makes a difference, and is exactly the stress management technique you need to get acquainted to.

Stress Management through Optimism

No situation is bound to stay the same for ever, with the passage of time solutions and changes are bound to happen. Train your mind to accept stressful  things  on a lighter note as this will:

  1. Encourage you to look for better opportunities by barring an impulsive reaction.
  2. Reduce level of intensity of stress to make you think better.
  3.  Will facilitate calmer and wiser actions.
  4. Discourages de-motivation and emotional burden.

# 4. Avoiding Instant Reaction

Instant and impulsive reactions to anything simply aggravate things most of the time. With an already unstable state of mind and body (due to stress), you are bound to end up in a worse situation if you react instantly without pondering over the consequences. Let better sense prevail and take time to think things over  to find the most feasible solution , and who knows you might come to learn that it actually doesn’t even matter. So why let it bother you?

# 5.  Socialize in Stress

Stress Management Through Socializing
Stress Management Through Socializing

Holding on to and walking around with high levels of stress will definitely wear you down. Socializing  in moments of stress and anxiety with friends or those who make you feel happy is great get-away channel that diverts your attention and lessens the impact of emotional strain.  This is in fact one of the most desirable stress management tips that is absolutely cost-free and worth the time.

# 6. Nip the issue in the Bud

Another great tip for stress management is to pin down what disturbs and causes the stress. If it’s a major and frequent factor of stress in your life – avoid it. For that you may have to take out the time and closely monitor your habits, attitudes and factors that negatively affect you; temporarily but frequently time and again . The source may be from a minor  fuss over food to greater  challenges of responsibilities in life, and unless you identify and take measures to evade the possible situation, you can never be in control.

# 7. Express Yourself

Sharing is caring; no matter which end user enjoys the privilege of being   cared for. Bottling up your emotions, feelings and desires inside tends to intensify emotional stress and pressure similar to that of a pressure cooker that gets fueled by heat.  To keep it easy on yourself, one of the best self-practicing stress management skills is to  slowly slowly give vent to your inner turmoil by sharing it with someone.

Taking with a friend or gaining counseling not only lets all the stress  escape, but also is an opportunity of gaining a wiser and more appropriate opinion or help by a person who is an a better state of mind. .

# 8. Practice A Balanced Schedule

Monotonous routines definitely tire one up and cause stress and boredom. Variety is indeed the spice of life and one of the most effective stress management skills that not only removes boredom but tends to  encourage positivity, enthusiasm and help you remain active and healthy. Bring in diverse activities or methods in your schedule and experience a happier approach to life.

# 9 . The 4 A’s of stress management

4 A's of Stress Management
4 A’s of Stress Management
Avoid – You don’t get healthy outcomes when you unnecessarily indulge in stressful situations either intentionally or unintentionally. By avoiding situations leading to emotional strain, you can cut down on heaps and heaps of physical and emotional suffering from your life. Having said so, also avoid things that don’t involve you.

Alter  – Change and alter your way of thinking and prioritize your  ‘wants’ and  ‘shoulds’. Learn to say no as that will limit you taking on too much on yourself and if that doesn’t help or  If you can’t seem to cope with the stress, try altering it.  

 Accept – Everything doesn’t necessarily go the way we want it to. At times factors like fate, consequence etc tend to  give rise to situations beyond our control and at times such situations may be disturbing or unwanted, but we can learn to accept facts and move on easier than living with a heavy heart filled with stress.

Adapt – One of the most successful stress management tips is to learn to adapt to changes and  move on with the call of the hour.  Everything does not go according to will, at times we have to learn to accept and adapt customs, decisions  and situations as they are. It often proves to be the best solution to all your worries.

          These budget-free stress management tips and techniques encourage you to live a better and more productive life through improved intrinsic capacity to tackle emotional strain. However, don’t just limit your stress management strategies to the above mentioned self- practices, rather experiment with a wider range of options to pin down the one that renders the best results for you.


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