Easy Ways on How to get Shiny Healthy Hair the Quick Way


How to get Shiny healthy hair is without a doubt  a query that runs several times in the mind of  every woman on daily basis because when you seem to admire the luring sheen and shine of hair texture in others it simply means you have trouble with yours.

But why  linger in a helpless state of desire  when you can work your way to the most idyllic type of hair texture your craze for.  Certain hair care tips are at your service to bring about a natural flash of shine that will boost your confidence all the more.

Shiny and lustrous looking hair is indeed an asset worth cherishing and envying and just like  other parts of your body, the hair too require special attention to gear into that naturally healthy state of consistency. Some of the most effective tips on how to get shiny healthy hair that have the backing of expert advice have been  mentioned below and they can easily  bring you out of your concern over dull looking hair.

Shiny Healthy Hair

 Excess Washing Makes Hair Greasy – Give it a Break

Regular washing of the hair is one of the fundamental hair care tips we usually tread on to maintain good looking hair but talking straight business in terms of reality  this may sound quite the opposite of what you may have been having faith in up till now  that  though regular washing keeps the hair free of dirt and debris yet excess washing can give you quite the opposite of what you pursue.  The reason being that too much washing triggers the secretion of excess sebum which makes the hair greasy, sordid and directly hampers the natural gleam of the hair. So, not unless you’re thinking of starting a sticky business, it’s highly recommended that you give an interval of 2-3 days in between washing your hair and shine away naturally.

An Extra Dose of Conditioning

When you set to task on how to get shiny healthy hair, work on factors that can nip the issue of dry and dull looking hair in the bud.  Make a habit of a little bit of conditioning which is one of the centuries result-oriented ways that can really enhance, smooth out and  facilitate a sleek texture of the hair and give you fabulous management with a glinting outlook.  Making use of leave-in-conditioners is one of the most effective ways on how to get shiny healthy hair because it extra-nourishes the scalp and cuticles, soothes ruptured hair shafts, treats brittle and fragile hair and gives you the upshot you desire.

Conditioner for Shiny Healthy Hair

A  Regular Rub Down

A head massage not only work as a stress busting technique but is in fact a centuries old method of how  to get shiny and healthy hair through internal stimulation. Massaging the scalp with finger tips (not nails) helps boost blood circulation in the head region and also tends to nourish the scalp with the natural vital nutrients of hair oils and weighs them down with a perfect stance of health and shine.

Hot oil treatments can also prove to be effective when you wish to give a fully fledged hair treatment to your locks  to deal with  every hair problem you might have.

  • Simply damp up your hair and apply slightly warmed legendary oils of wonder like coconut oil, aragn oil, almond oil etc and massage for a few minutes with your finger tips.
  • Wrap up your hair in a towel to lock in the heat and moisture so that the essential oil nutrients can easily penetrate into hair follicles and roots.
  • After half an hour head to washing your with luke warm water  and enjoy  naturally soft and manageable hair.
  • This is one of the most recommended hair care methods on how to get shiny healthy hair right at home without going hefty on your wallet for a session at the salon.

Steer Clear of Excessive Sunlight

 Prevention is better than cure and so it proves true when it comes to protecting and retaining your inherent hair color and its natural shine. Sunlight is one of the most common and most threatening factor that can deprive you of  the little shine you might be having. Limit your  long durations of direct sunlight exposure; especially in summer during mid afternoon because that’s when the ultraviolet rays are most unfavorable for the skin and hair. This preventive measure is one of the ways of not only how to get shiny healthy hair but also how to prevent the loss of shine and color.

 Lemon Up

Many people have an oily hair texture which tends to overshadow their  innate hair shine in an unhealthy manner.   However; the citric magic of lemon is one of the wonder products when it comes to dealing with beauty woes like discoloring, freckling, greasiness etc and it also is one of the quickest ways on how to get shiny healthy hair right at home. Simply add drops of lemon juice in water and rinse your hair with it. This will not only clear away the grease of the hair but also add polish up your hair and treat issues like dandruff.

Lemon For Shiny Healthy Hair

 Hair Masks

Making use of hair masks can be a quick and effective way to breathe in life in to your tedious and sordid hair. Products like Dove Intensive Deep Repairing Mask,  Alterna Bamboo  Smooth Moisture  Extract Mask, Bosley Hair Strengthening Masque etc are some of the most result-orienting  hair products that will not only enhance the shine but also treat all hair damages and facilitate better hair growth and thickness. Why waste time, get numerous hair benefits with  a single solution!

Limit Use of Shampoo

 Out of the many not-to-do blunders when it comes to effective hair care, limiting the use of shampoo pays off  fruitfully ;especially when a natural shine is what you wish to retain. An over-dose of shampoo tends to rinse away the natural hair oils and gives way to hair dullness and dryness that are devoid of an inherent buff.

 Hair Food

Ending   the discussion with an appetizing factor of how to get shiny healthy hair, simply  eat your way to fabulous looking hair with natural food items rich in  components that work inside out to give you the confidence of looks your craze for.  Make the habit of eating edibles that contain, proteins, carbohydrates, Whole grains, essential fatty acids, the Vitamin B’s ,  fish, eggs etc  and see how you naturally steer out all glossy.


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